Cover Reveal: Something Old by Emeline Piaget

Undeniable Love

Before we get to the cover reveal of Something Old, Something New by Emeline Piaget, let’s take a refresher course: Something Old is a spinoff of Undeniable Love. Wyatt and Stephane were the it couple in that story, but they also had a couple of BFFs who played strong, supporting roles. That would be these folks:

Phil and Syd
Phil and Sydney

If you’ve read Undeniable Love, then you know these two were destined to have their own story because these characters are a trip. So without further ado, I give you the cover to Phil and Syd’s story:


Is this not a gorgeous cover?! It’s so simplistically elegant. I love how the roses pop with subtle color against the black and white backdrop of the piano.


Now I can already see a few of you scratching your heads and are asking yourselves: I thought she only promotes IR/AA Romance? This ain’t IR, and it dang sure ain’t AA…

Well, it definitely isn’t either per se, but the supporting cast are, and there are elements of both infused into this story. Besides Wyatt and Steph making appearances, we have some new characters who play prominently into the storyline.

L-R: Chanel, Colton, and Darby

Something Old is dropping in early May. Make sure you add it (and Undeniable Love) to your TBR!



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