Series Spotlight With Author Twyla Turner

Scarred SeriesIf you have not read Scarred by Twyla Turner, you better get yo life then go click it up! Sloan Stryker…whooo chile. That name alone makes you wanna drop the draws. When I saw the cover to Scarred, I was immediately sucked in. One, you rarely find a book cover that captures the true essence of who the characters are, and two, it’s a custom painting! This is Sloan Stryker! As you read this story, you will never question what Sloan looks like. The detail is phenomenal right down to the scars on his face. (Big ups to the artist who did these!)


The Damaged Souls series is a trilogy. Book 2, Open Wounds, is dropping May 1 (That would be tomorrow), and it’s available now for pre-order. You will fall in love with Sloan as I have…

Teaser I

Teaser II


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