April’s Best Bets

Okay so I’m 5 days late with this post, but I’ve decided to start doing a month-end recap of all the books that I’ve read (NOTE: Not necessarily released in that month) that I think are best bets. Let’s go:

April Best Bets

  • Breakaway by Vera Roberts: I loved this book about a young, black woman still finding her way in life and meets a handsome, hockey player at the airport while they’re snowed in. It’s a quick read and the beginning of a very, promising series…
  • Haunted by Christina C. Jones: This is my first read by this author, and I was not disappointed! Haunted is a paranormal love story that weaves past and present with precision. Aram is sooooo fucking hot!
  • Loved by You by Victoria H. Smith: The follow up to her best-selling Found by You. Griffin and Roxie are back, and the drama in this one intensifies…
  • Love, Family, Culture by Angelia Vernon Menchan: Book 3 in the Love’s Culture series is the best one yet! There’s a new honey dip on the scene by the name of Fernando, and he is muy caliente! I still love Mahad, but Fernando is bae…
  • Private Affairs by Jasmine Garner: This book has more twists and turns than a curly fry! It starts off a lil slow and ridiculous, but it then builds up to a crazy ass frenzy. Had me swiping my Kindle with the quickness!
  • Sal Gabrini 5 by Mallory Monroe: My favorite Gabrini is back! Anyone who reads the Reno/Tommy/Sal series knows that Sal is the emeffin man! Sal was such a racist in the beginning. He couldn’t understand how and why Reno and Tommy could swirl when there were so many beautiful blondes out there giving it up for free-until he met one Gemmanette “Gemma” Jones. Ol girl had him sprung at first sight. Skin the color as if the sun blessed her tenfold. What’s that cliche, once you go black…
  • Sienna & Jakob by Thayer King: Another paranormal-a personal record for me cause I’m so not a paranormal fan, but I come across one or two that just make me wanna click it up. This story takes place in the year 2100, and while the setting feels like modern day, some of the technology most definitely is not. It’s like match.com on acid-a new way to find you soul mate. Good story…
  • Swirl by M.L. Spann: Brand new author for me. I actually had this book in my library for about a month and finally read it last week. In a word: Loved it! This is a black woman/Samoan man romance, and that was such a selling point for me because IR romance goes so beyond BW/WM. Throw in a bitch of an ex and a bitch of a grandmother and you’ve got some good drama here…

Look for me to post more thorough reviews of these books throughout the month because I enjoy talking about books that I really liked.


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