Big Week For New Releases!

FotorCreatedY’all!!!! This week is going to be epic because there is something for EVERYONE!

There are new(ish) authors and veteran authors, sweet romance and tantric loving. A little historical and a lot of contemporary. New love and married love. I am fans of all of these authors. I’ve read one or more, and in a few cases, ALL of their books, and I am so excited for these new releases. So enough blubbering, let’s see what’s dropping this weekend!

Black Rainbow by JJ McAvoy (of Declan+Coraline fame): This looks to be a hot and steamy read! A college student inadvertently hooks up with her college professor. Oh snap!

Loving Kyla by Michelle Hardin: All of you Dangerous Beauty fans will be in for a real treat. This is so not Dangerous Beauty, but Kyla is still a force to be reckoned with. Michelle definitely knows how to capture the spirit of young, upwardly-mobile black women in her narratives.

Maybe Forever by Kim Golden: I think this series (and this author) is so slept on! It’s rare that we read about American black women in love and marriage who live abroad-and are thriving! Please get to know Laney and Mads because they’re one of my all-time favorite couples. Start with book 1, Maybe Baby, then work your way up. Excellent series!

S&M IV by Vera Roberts: You’ve seen the hot snippets I’ve been posting, now the book is finally here! Will Scott & Mariana make it or will he still be public dick #1? I swear that man…

Sadie’s Surrender by Afton Locke: If you’re a fan of the mega popular Plucking the Pearl, then here’s another story in the Oyster Island series for you to enjoy. This one features Sadie, Pearl’s cousin. Bonus: It’s a historical and takes place in my home state of Maryland!

Something Old, Something New by Emeline Piaget: Check out the cover reveal I did a few weeks back. I think you will enjoy this story because Sydney is one of the most relate-able characters I’ve come across in a long time. Read what happens when a dick-whipped woman meets a real gentleman and becomes torn (queue Natalie Imbruglia…)


I’m so excited to have too much to read instead of having nothing to read. Click them up today!


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