Thursday Thoughts: To Review Or Not to Review?

Thursday ThoughtsCause I got some shit on my mind…

If you follow this blog and /or my reviews on Goodreads, you may notice a pattern. I only review or talk about books that I really, really like-as in 4 stars and above. There is a reason for this: I don’t like to be critical-even when the book warrants it. It pains me to publicly (negatively) critique an author’s work, so yeah, I’ve stopped doing it. It’s even worse when an author sends me their book and requests a review. I read it, and don’t like it, and they never hear from me again. This is my public apology. I AM SORRY. I’m too chicken to even reach out to you to tell you I didn’t like your book, and for this reason, I’ve decided to no longer accept book review requests. I am, however, available to beta read. I much prefer to do that because it allows me to be as critical as I want before the author hits publish.

So authors, I’m asking you specifically, would you want a critical review of your book posted on Amazon or Goodreads or would you rather the reader just contact you privately to tell you their issues? Or does it even matter? Because I feel like if you post a critical review, you’ll get skewered by the fangirls even if you provide evidence substantiating your critique. So there, I’ve revealed a secret. I’m leaving now…

8 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: To Review Or Not to Review?

  1. If someone sends you a request to review their book, that means keep it real and be honest. Any author should know that when you hit publish and ask for feedback, that will obviously include negative feedback as well. Not everyone will be receptive to all that we put out. It happens and should be expected.

    There’s one blog I follow religiously where the blogger goes in. Not in a mean way but if she one stars a book, you get a detailed explanation as to why. I think that’s what authors and readers need to hear. My advice? Don’t stop accepting review requests. As a reader you’re allowed to be critical because ultimately, a request for a review is seeking YOUR opinion. Do eeeet! 😉

    1. I hear you, but my sensitive says No, don’t do it! Reviewing period is such a chore for me. I try to make it entertaining as well as critical. Even then I ask myself, does anybody besides the author even care???

      1. Heck yeah! Some readers totally rely on reviews to influence their buying decisions. A well thought out review even if it’s negative will likely get someone to buy faster than, “this book was great!”

  2. Also, I’m not in agreement with the tag-teaming and bullying of those who post dissenting opinions. As long as it’s respectfully phrased, I don’t see the problem.

  3. A writer should be mature enough to accept a critical review. That’s part of the business. However, as a reader you are not obligated to review anything if you don’t wish to. Reviewing takes time & energy. I enjoy your reviews and it’s definitely given me lots to consider for my TBR.

  4. Ignore the fangirls! They’ve made up their minds even before they read the book – if they read the book. I had one try to “challenge” my three star rating and when I made a few references to certain scenes in the book, SHE accused ME of confusing the author’s work…when the book in question was the only thing I’d ever read by that author. So, um…I feel an honest rating of any rank is better than a false five star that’s just blowing smoke.

  5. ah naw, come on…don’t stop reviewing. I ❤ your reviews…authors need to hear the critical too. It pains me too review a book in a negative way but I feel that if you aren't going in on the author AND your review is critical without you going all crazy, then I don't see a problem. With so many reviewser/writers out there just being all crazy and willy nilly, I can understand some reviews "hesitance" to not give ratings below 4 or 3, but I for one would like to see more good negative reviews. Le sigh, bu t if you must…you must 😦

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