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Read I

I’ll be back soon with another video review. I’m trying to improve the quality which will probably mean investing in a camera or a tripod for my Flip. I’ve been using the webcam to make these, and I’m rambling like y’all give a shit, but anyway…

Now that I’m between beta reads, I have some free time on my hands. I cannot believe I’ve actually read 6 books in the last week! I haven’t read 6 books back-to-back in I don’t know how long…All of these are click-worthy reads, and I hope you consider them for future reading. Let’s go!

Big White Lie by Paige Notaro: I love this woman’s stories. They’re complicated tales of racist white men who meet these beautiful, black women who challenge and shatter every filty, disgusting notion they were taught about black people and other races, causing them to alter their perspective and get their damn lives. FabulosityBig White Lie is part of the Storm’s Soldiers MC series. This is book 1 of Calix’s story. Calix is the older brother of Vaughn from the Black and White installment. I hated Calix in Vaughn’s story, and I’m still side-eying him, but Rosa is time enough for him. Also loved that Rosa is Afro-Venezuelan.


Brent Sinatra by Mallory Monroe: Ok, I’ma keep it real. Only click this book if you’re a diehard Mallory Monroe fan. This was probably her most lackluster story to date, and it pains me greatly to even have to say that.Damn, Damn, Damn Brent wit his fine ass got gypped in this one, and she better bring it with the next one. But, being the diehard that I am, I got through it. It didn’t wow me like all her other ones have.


Complicated Love 2 by Lilah K. London: The long-awaited sequel is finally here! She ended book 1 on a major cliffhanger  leaving me and the other fans like10347632_10152620639169748_8186742826701542873_n

Don’t get me wrong. I love cliffhangers, but that one was totally unexpected, and it just ended. But Ms. London came through and wrapped up the story nicely. You definitely must read Book 1 first. They’re both short reads and perfect when you don’t have a lot of time. This is a YA/NA story.


Landon’s Obsession by Sara Hess: New author for me, and she put her foot in this one. Teen/young adult drama at it’s finest. This is not only a love story, but almost more importantly, a story about class and privilege. You just don’t fraternize with the “help” and when one parent is hellbent on breaking up this starstruck couple, all hell breaks loose. Had me like


I just love teen angst and young adult drama….


Perfectly Mixed by Ancelli: After months and months of teasers and will it or won’t it, the book finally dropped! This is the story of two married couples desperate to conceive a child, but y’all know the fertility clinic gon fuck something up, and the mama and daddy ain’t who they’re supposed to be. Now when you read this, you’ll want to grab the biggest damn bowl of popcorn you can find cause you gon be like:

10380762_10204374943350309_267875811176472090_nIn more ways than one…


Wanting You by Danyell A. Wallace: A brand new author on the scene, and this is a good first effort, and it’s another young adult drama which I loooove. Everything goes down over the course of a semester at college, and it’s fast moving and drama-filled! Kellen has a bad ass girlfriend, but when he meets Tamia for the first time:longingPo’ girlfriend lmao…



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