Cinderfella: A Review


I LOVE YOUNG ADULT/NEW ADULT ROMANCE! I live vicariously through these fictional characters because I was a late bloomer. When I find a great read, I gush, and blast, and fangirl, and review. So I present, Cinderfella by author Xavier Neal.

Ugh, where do I begin? This story was so good. This was one finely-written young adult story. Cinderfella is a twist on the classic theme of two people from the opposite sides of the tracks who meet and fall in love only they deal with way more than just social and economic class. This story is not only about class and privilege, but more serious issues like teen parentage, domestic abuse, drug abuse, and eating disorders. What’s even better is none of it is told in a preachy, over-the-top, here’s the lesson to be learned sort of way.

Thumbs Up-Yes

Connor is poor and struggling not only financially, but mentally and emotionally to just make it through until he graduates high school. He’s up for a drama scholarship that can get him out of his current situation and into college, but he has obstacles, the main one being his 3 year old daughter MaKayla (who is the highlight of this story. OMG, I just wanted to scoop this lil girl up and hug and kiss her the whole time I was reading!) Connor and Mak live in the seedier part of town with his mom who is not only an alcoholic, but a drug addict, and the town ho. Every day is a challenge. Connor is not only father to Mak, but also his own mother. Had me like:


Gianna is the spoiled, troubled rich girl who is starving for the affection of her parents. She lashes out by using drugs and getting into all kinds of trouble. She and Connor meet when they are paired in their drama class for a scene they must perform for their final grade. These two are oil and water and hate each other-in the beginning. It’s not until after a series of heated exchanges and threats of failing the class and expulsion that they reach an impasse and agree to be cordial and work as a team. Well, you know, one thing leads to another, and despite all efforts to avoid catching feelings, Connor catches feelings. And so does Gianna. A couple is born.


So much transpires from this point. Connor and Gianna learn each others’ secrets that threaten their relationship, not to mention outside parties that want to break them up. This is such a great story. This is not about a couple of horny teenagers humping. Nope. You won’t find any sex in this book and the storytelling is so good that you won’t even miss it. It’s just non-stop drama about two young people who are forced to deal with the consequences of their actions. I would really love a follow up to see how this young family is doing. Click it up!

Rating: *****

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