Monday Musings: I’m So Over It…

Hell No!

And what exactly are you over you may ask? Well, I’ma tell you:

  • The Billionaire’s Black Lover
  • In Love With The Werebear Billionaire
  • The Billionaire’s Ebony Nanny
  • The Alpha Billionaire’s Black Stripper Jumpoff
  • The Black Teacher’s Billionaire Affair

You get it…

I find these titles not only fucking ridiculous, but absolutely insulting and exploitative to black women everywhere. One, you’re telling me that all black women care about is a man with money, and two, black women aren’t good enough to be anything to a billionaire than a piece of ass…even if initially. I not only refuse to read these kinds of titles, but I won’t support or promote them either. Ugh…


18 thoughts on “Monday Musings: I’m So Over It…

  1. LOL! I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said. It’s cool for an author to write what they see fit but honestly, I don’t understand the appeal. I get reading as a form of escapism, but if you’re going to do the billionaire type books, make the story realistic. From what I read in the synopses and samples, realism went on vacation never to return. And the racial fetishism of black women in a great deal of these titles is a huge turn off.

    As a reader, nothing about these types of books appeals to me. I have certain keywords that I avoid. If I find them in the title or the synopsis of a book, no clicky for me. That’s the beautiful thing about reading though, there’s something out there for everyone, but I totally get the outrage. Totally.

  2. Add to the title, over-the-top (let’s call it what it really is…tacky) cover art, less than 100 pages and a price of $4.99 or higher, and you’ll get something that I will DEFINITELY NOT read.

  3. Oh man! Speak the truth! Every time I see a tittle like that I either laugh at the foolishness of it all, or depending on my day it gets me upset. I feel it’s degrading as a black woman. However people are entitle to read or write what they want. However if I wasn’t clear enough. Personally I’m NO fan of it.

  4. Truth bomb INCOMMINNNG!! I see these titles all the time and my eyes roll to the back of my head. And I’m judging HARD when I see other readers in groups I’m in promoting them. I’m never that desperate for stories about Black women to read this junk.

    1. Never as long as they’re money to be made. Cowboys are making a comeback tho so now it’ll be The Cowboy’s Black Lover or some bullshit like that…

  5. I agree 100% !!!
    I do NOT read anything “the billionaires black…”. It’s tacky and offensive.

  6. I saw some titles today that had me spitting mad, don’t make any sense at all…smdh. All that nonsense is for the birds and I pray…pray lawdt that we aren’t buying them. Just ridiculous.

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