Monday Musings: Let Me Clarify

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A few weeks ago, I made a post about a subgenre of romance that I do not particularly care for, and I swear, ever since, it’s been coming back to bite me in the ass one way or another.

For those who read or follow this blog regularly, you know I speak very candidly here, and I don’t mince words. However, I’m not a total biotch. I realize that my likes and dislikes aren’t everyone else’s, but this is my sounding board, and if you don’t like it, then go getcha own…

As a blogger and entrepreneur, I am all about everyone getting their hustle on and pursuing their passions, whether it is blogging, writing, painting, whatever. Everything ain’t for everybody. So where am I going with all of this? What is my motivation? Ok, here goes:

I have been approached by budding authors who may write stories or genres that I don’t personally care for, and they’re looking for exposure or a chance for a little recognition. Truthfully, there are not a whole lot of bloggers, specifically black bloggers, on the net who devote their blogs to spotlighting, reviewing, or talking about stories that feature black women in romance. I had previously imposed this silent policy of not spotlighting certain genres because I didn’t care for them. I didn’t care for them. I am now changing my stance. While I still refuse to spotlight books or series that I find are degrading or fetish-y in any way, I will be a more inclusive blogger. So yeah, you may see some spotlights on billionaire romances and some darker reads-but only after I have personally read them and determined that they don’t fit into the fetish or abusive category.

I’ve babbled on long enough. I just wanted to give the faithful a heads up so y’all don’t be all in my comments or FB messages like WTF is goings on (in my Bernie Mac voice.) So, yeah…


7 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Let Me Clarify

  1. It’s your space do YOU. You are completely entitled to run your blog as you see fit. I get the shaft from a lot of blogs because I write Erotica. It’s not traditional Erotica, but only people who read my work would know this. If a blogger won’t read/promote a specific genre, I get it.

    I commend you for attempting to be more inclusive. As you eloquently stated, there are not a great deal of blogs run by Black women spotlighting Black women in romance so thank you, thank you for giving everyone a shot despite your personal tastes.

  2. As you’ve said, “everything ain’t for everybody”, but we don’t know that until we’ve at least tried something different. We might be pleasantly surprised. Kudos to you for your continued support of ALL authors, and for shining a light on a much neglected Genre.

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