Series Spotlight: Breathless (In Love With An Alpha Billionaire)


True to my word, I am spreading my wings (Troop literally sings in the background). I met this sweet author, Shani Greene-Dowdell on Twitter as mutual followers. She wrote a series (see title) featuring a mash-up of something I really love and something I really well… (no shade on this nice lady): alphas and billionaires. Sometimes my blinders are on so tightly that I don’t even discover authors who are out here writing books and getting hella positive reviews. So without further ado, I present the Breathless series:


Walking out of a coffee shop, minding her own business, Destiny never intends to crash into real estate tycoon, Jacob Turner. A chance meeting leads to sweaty sheets, sleepless nights, and a passion she never knew existed. The curve of his lips, the warmth of his breath, his take-charge demeanor; Jacob is proof that charm and chivalry is alive and well.

Jacob had it all… except her. Due to strongholds from his past, he’s not ready to let her own him completely. When Destiny pops up in his city, their love affair is challenged by someone who could never take Destiny’s place. Getting Destiny to understand that she’s the only one he loves proves to be a quest that the billionaire has the means and heart to take.


Jacob is furious that his ex-girlfriend, Justine, has turned both his business and personal life upside down. He wants more than anything to be by Destiny’s side to rebuild what Justine tore down, but Destiny’s mother is hell bent on keeping the billionaire at a distance. With Destiny’s mother not allowing him to see her in the hospital, Jacob throws himself into fixing a financial disaster at work. Meanwhile, Destiny’s ex-husband, Montie Brown, is working overtime to reclaim the woman he never stopped loving.


In the finale, the Turner and Baker women are at odds over the men who’ve captured their hearts. Clara Baker has reasons near and dear to her for being so hell bent on keeping her daughter, Destiny Baker, away from Jacob Turner. Reason #1, Jacob’s father, John Turner left her high and dry with the burden of their love to bear over four decades ago. Clara puts forward a tough exterior, but the dormant pain she’s kept a secret for forty years is eating away at her soul. When she lays eyes on Jacob’s father, fireworks spark in the least expected way.

With John’s wife, Tammy Turner, cocked and ready to do whatever it takes to keep her husband, both Destiny and Clara are in for their fair share of heart wrenching drama. Meanwhile, John is prepared to do whatever it takes to make things right with Clara. Through it all, Jacob and Destiny are left to navigate the waters that were muddied by their parent’s choices well before their time. To complicate matters, Justine still hasn’t given up on a second chance with Jacob.

Will Jacob and Destiny’s love be enough to make it to the altar or will their parents and Justine’s shenanigans finally sever their bond beyond repair?


Make sure you check these out! After reading that last blurb, I’m personally gonna check this series out. I wanna know all about moms and pops and their doomed swirlmance…

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6 thoughts on “Series Spotlight: Breathless (In Love With An Alpha Billionaire)

  1. Thanks for the recs. I don’t fux with the Billionaire romances usually myself either. The last one is what made me wanna check out this series too lol.

  2. I’m usually not a fan of books with billionaire/millionaire in them but you right…I be having my blinders on too, lols. Okay, I’m going to give this one a try. Thanks for sharing!

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