Monday Musings: Amazon On Some Bullshit…Again


So apparently if you are an author or maybe even a blogger or editor or publisher, or a person who can read and write, and Amazon determines that you “know” the author of the book you’ve reviewed, they can and will remove it. If this ain’t the biggest, steamiest pile of bullshit I’ve ever read…Amazon can eat a fat one…There’s a petition if you care about indie authors…


7 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Amazon On Some Bullshit…Again

  1. This policy comes from all those idiots who had their friends and family write fake reviews, so I see what Amazon is trying to do. But this isn’t the way to go about it. This is floating around quite a bit lately and of those who it’s happened to, none have been told how Amazon determined how they knew the author. Is talking to an author on their Facebook or Twitter sufficient as “knowing” them? Ugh!!

    1. How are they to know what is a real vs fake review. I’ve seen some very real ones that simply say “Loved it. Can’t wait for the next one” and that’s it. If anything, impose a word minimum on the review in order for it be posted and create some kind of algorithm like they do for profanity to prevent the reviewer from simply repeating the same thing a hundred times just to meet the minimum. If anything, ban the 50 ARC reviews a book gets and little to no verified purchase reviews. Also create a notification like Verified Purchase for books that are read via KU or prime. There is lots of room for improvement.

      1. Well that’s the issue I have with the policy…how is Amazon making their determinations?? This broad stroke isn’t the way to deal with wrong doing (when it does occur).

  2. I thought the policy was crazy until I read a review where the reviewer talked about the author as a wonderful wife and mother.

    1. Now that kind of review I agree is ridiculous. WTF does that have to do with the book lol. Let the readers vote and if a review gets a certain number of thumbs down, then remove it or hide it like a lot of other sites do. But to remove a review because I’m the author’s FB friend for example is just asinine. I hope they do the same for all the big publishing companies who provide arcs to the popular blogs then turn around and charge the general public $12.99 for a frickin e-file.

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