Monday Musing: Can We Get Some IR Diversity Please?

Diversity I

I know this sounds like an oxymoron, but any fan of the BW IR narrative should know what I’m talking about. No? I’ll spell it out for you: Interracial Romance goes FAR beyond B(lack)W(oman)W(hite)M(an). Yes, it’s true.

It’s so funny I was talking with a fellow fan the other day, and she was like, “Is it just me, or do all the latest IR books tend to focus on the BWWM pairing?” I couldn’t hit my reply button fast enough! My answer in short, “Nope.” I never really gave it much thought, but I definitely noticed it. Writers have preferences or a certain comfort level (as far as not having to do a lot of research about cultures and such) or simply  a need to give the readers what they think they want, but there are sooooo many good IR books out here that are not BWWM and still SLAY!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be doing a series of features to showcase some of my favorite non-BWWM pairings. I’ll actually dedicate a post to each non-BWWM pairing to include:

  • BWHM (Black woman, Hispanic man)
  • BWAM (Black woman, Asian man)
  • BWNM (Black woman, Native man)
  • BW/Other (not considered Hispanic, Asian, or Native)

I hope these posts will broaden your reading horizons if you currently only  read BWWM IR (or if you’re just looking for something fresh) and introduce you to some different perspectives. I’m so excited to do this! Special shout out to author M.L. Spann and fellow reader Yasmine D for the inspiration!



27 thoughts on “Monday Musing: Can We Get Some IR Diversity Please?

  1. I like this idea!!!! It’s funny you mention this because I totally want to showcase different pairings in my writing. What’s interesting is, I go with whatever ethnicities the characters appear as in my head… lol does that make sense?! I have a bunch of different pairings down the line, but I can’t wait to read the upcoming segments for this!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout musings! To clarify, I love all IR pairings involving a black woman but I would love to see more black women and other books being written. I think writers have gotten so used to writing about BWWM because they think that’s what all is readers want or that’s their preference but for me personally, I like white men but I tend to be drawn to men of color still mostly Asian, Latino,native, and other non black men of color. So it would be nice if more books of black women and men of these ethnicities were written. Because in the genre that’s supposed to support love between other races it mostly sticks to just one, black and white,and we all know the world is anything but. I just want authors to realize that these relationships exist as well and they deserve to be spotlighted just like BWWM, if not more so. I love seeing black women IR couples because compared to black men IR, it’s not a lot but I really love seeing black women and other moc couples because compared to BWWM ones they’re really rare and I enjoy seeing them. Overall, I love all IR relationships, I just want to see more diversity for the poc IR couples as well.

  3. I agree. I am just happy we are getting beyond Hispanic man and white woman. But I would love to see more diversity in romance parings. It makes for good readings and interesting scenarios the more cultures involved.

  4. It’s gotten to the point where I’m shocked and have to do a double take everytime I see a bwlm,bwam, bwnm etc books being written. Because it’s literally every blue moon you see one that when I do it’s shocking. Which is sad when you’re browsing through the IR book genre and you see ships rarely being written about that it shocks you when it finally happens. I live for when a wave of bw/omoc just hits and I can go crazy .

  5. This speaks to me. As a BW, I’m not really complaining that someone’s writing about BW, but I’d definitely welcome more pairings besides White men…especially billionaire White men lol. I’ve read a Samoan and a NA pairing with Black heroines, each one time! Then nada!

    1. Yup… There are so many good stories out there that are non-wm but don’t get any shine because they aren’t bwwm. I hope to give them some much-needed consideration.

  6. I also agree. I would love to read about other IR pairings. I look forward to what you recommend.

  7. I’m going to add on to this and ask that the Hero not be worth a ton of money, because all I ever see on Amazon these days is Billionaire BWWM. Or like even if he has a normal job or is in the military or something, he’s still freaking loaded….I just don’t get it. So yes, give me a BW with someone besides a BW, but let her guy be normal.

  8. This is an awesome topic, and one I’m sure many have thought about, but have not really passed on. Thanks for opening up the dialogue. Hugs…

  9. Great topic, Check out Liz Davis, Shiree McCarver, Yvonne Ray, Alyssa Cole, and one of my favorite author from “the chamber” Joelle Jax. These writers pair black women with Asian, Native American, and Middle Eastern men.

  10. I’m so friggin glad someone feels the same about this as I do. Don’t get me wrong I love me some vanilla but over the years of me dating white men, I realized I’m more comfortable with men who aren’t as privileged or entitled as white men seem to be. European beauty standards have already decided for many of us, who is beautiful and who is not and it just frustrates the hell out of me that I don’t read enough Men of color especially Asian/Pacific Islander, Latino or Native men who are written out as well thought out and human.

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with a Latin male I actually liked(I’m afro-latina so dating Latin guys have always been available lol)or reminded me of someone I’ve dated. Only the stereotypes get love, ya know the types”Speaks with a thick accent, a damn pool boy, or worse a gang member. And every time the guy is Mexican, never Puerto Rican, or Dominican or from Panama, just Mexican. Nothing against Mexicans at all but I have a feeling because Mexican culture is very mainstream, it’s just easier for people to choose to write about Mexican men because you watch a couple of shows and you feel like you don’t have to do any research. Yikes this comment is long. And what about Native Men with Black women, are there any? I don’t even know lol.

    And Omg I would love to read about a black woman and an Asian male, especially an asian male who wasn’t Japanese or Korean. This seems to be the popular culture to make guys these days and trust me when i say, there are so many more cultures full of beautiful men! Why are the guys only ever Korean or Japanese???

  11. Girl you need to make a list of Latino male/Black Woman books! Or I need to volunteer to write one. I need some more papis to read, lol.

    Note: I am aware this post is mad old, lol/

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