Long Time Coming: A Review

Long Time Coming (Hot Rods Book 8)Long Time Coming by Jayne Rylon

Rating: 4.5 stars

I love romance stories that feature two “mature” adults. Hell, just cause you over 40 don’t mean you stop getting horny. This is not a book about sex although there are some thoroughly erotic moments sprinkled throughout. This is my first read by author Jayne Rylon, and real talk, dude on the cover had me at first glance: Those rippling muscles, that sexy ass salt-n-pepper hair…

Fuck Yeah!
Although this is book 8 in Rylon’s popular Hot Rods series, it can be read as a standalone. Of course, there is prominent crossover of other characters from the previous books because they’re all related in some way, but I didn’t get lost or felt the need to have to read those books to keep up with this one. Tom London is the leader of the Hot Rods. They’re not an MC club or gang per se, but they are a bunch of gear heads who own and operate this massive garage. Tom is pushing 50, and he’s dedicated his life to raising his biological son as well as all the other guys who’ve become a part of his family. They’re all grown men now, and he’s lonely and got feels for Wilhelmina “Willie” Brown, who happens to be the mother of Amber and Nola who are married or “betrothed” to two of his adoptive sons (They each have their own story in the series as well.) Willie is feeling Tom too, but they both got issues-still living in the past and can’t let go of their dead spouses. Or can they?

I really liked this story because it had substance. You had two grown ups who are trying to make this relationship pop off while dealing with all the outside shit going on, and there’s also a major plot twist which could shake up Tom and Willie’s relationship. Very good story. The only issue I had was like many serials, sometimes the major players get lost in their own story because of all the other characters overlapping and taking up “space”. I wanted more Tom and Willie and less everybody else, but I get it. They were the parents and just can’t quit parenting. At any rate, good story. Click it up!


7 thoughts on “Long Time Coming: A Review

  1. I’m so hungry for stories with mature protagonists. I’ve read this author before, so I’m definitely adding this to my TBR! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

    1. I can relate, Coco. I’ve found a few authors who write them, but hardly any in multicultural/AA. It’s like you turn 35 and cease to exist. LOL!

  2. OMG, if this is not my biggest complaint. We need more books with older mature couples…why everybody gotta be all young. Shoot, I see older dudes that look better than these youngins out here, lols. What I can’t lust after a older man? They betta stop playing with me, lols.

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