New Releases By Some Veteran Authors

NR IINow when I say veteran, I don’t mean old! I mean seasoned. Experienced. Wrote more than 3 books. Have a loyal following. Sheesh 😉 Enough blabbering, let’s get to it!


Mind Over Matter by Kaia Bennett: Book 3 in the Loose Ends Series. Yes, this is a serial, so reading books 1 & 2 are highly recommended. Will Gabe and Nicole finally stop bullshittin and get together…permanently? Click it up to find out!


Fur-Ever Yours by Roxy Wilson: Okay, this is new (literally and figuratively). Roxy usually writes contemporary romance, and this is a paranormal/shifter joint. And the chick is BBW! I know my curiosity is definitely piqued. Click it up! Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

PaceWheels Of Steel (Book 4) by Pepper Pace: Yes, another serial, and yes, I recommend that you read books 1-3 first (which is also available in one convenient volume). This follow up was literally years in the making. I know I’m gonna have to go back and reread book 3 to refresh my memory.

OwBecause I Love Him by Christina Ow: Damn this sounds like some hellafied drama! Dude is engaged to be married. Meets another chick on a business trip, and they knock boots. He calls off the wedding but finds the side chick in bed with his brother. Yoooooooooo!!!

CraftReplacement Queen by Vivienne Craft: Ms. Craft is one of those hidden gem authors. She’s written a few books but is really under the radar but deserves a lil shine. Vegas and fairytale. Yeah, I think this one is worth checking out. Also available on Kindle Unlimited.


7 thoughts on “New Releases By Some Veteran Authors

  1. I’ve never read anything by Vivienne Craft or Christina Ow, so those should be new and exciting! Ms. Pace also writes amazing novels, especially the WOS series which was awesome. Great “New Releases” list!

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