Monday Musings: I’ll Be The Judge Of That

Literally…hahaha…(Evil cackles ensue)


No, seriously though, I am so honored and privileged to be an official judge for the 2015 Swirl Awards. I’ll be judging in 3 categories actually: historical, new adult, and novella. While I cannot disclose any of the books I’ll be judging, one of them I’ve actually already read (and will need to reread because it’s been a minute), one is in my TBR (the perfect excuse to now read), one is by an author I’ve always wanted to read (sweet), and one is actually completely out of my reading preference (non-BW) which is a very welcomed challenge.

I have a lot of “homework” to do, and I can’t wait until the winners are actually announced! Stay tuned for more updates 😀


3 thoughts on “Monday Musings: I’ll Be The Judge Of That

  1. I soooo nominate HARPER MILLER for the “lawthavmercyimhotinthespot” novella/short story award for IRONIC.

  2. This is so awesome! Congratulations! And I know what you mean about non-BW IR, it’s not my thing so I’ll be excited to read your feedback.

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