The Dancer: A Review

CaptureRating: *****

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O-M-G…I had the privilege of reading an advanced copy of The Dancer, and For fans of the Ballerina Series, you will remember Dante Hammond. He was the jerkoff bestie and dance partner of Ivy. I didn’t find Dante very likable because he was clearly trying to push up on Ivy when she firmly friend-zoned him, then he just plain showed his ass at times once she solidified her relationship with ultimate bae Maze Chang. Who else was like “Boy bye…”? Well now…things have changed, and as I stated earlier, With Dante Hammond. Let this be a lesson to all book lovers: Never judge a character when you only see one side of them without getting to know them. I kind of think this was the motivation for this story in a way because I was not feeling Dante at all in the first 2 Ballerina books.

Our story picks up after Maze ends, but prior to the epilogue of that story with everyone preparing for Maze and Ivy’s destination wedding. Dante is as sexy and smoldering as Maze. I think if Ivy hadn’t friend-zoned him, Maze would have some serious competition. Dante is a male dancer (Do NOT call him a ballerina FFS!), and he single-handedly destroys any and every stereotype that a male dancer (of any genre) cannot be heterosexual or masculine. Dante is uber-assertive and possesses tons of swag, and as perfect as Dante is physically and outwardly, he is not without issues. He has a troubling past that manifests itself through a series of violent nightmares.

Enter Kali Devereux, the heroine of this story. She has quickly become one of my favorite characters. She is the quintessential alternative, carefree black girl, and I am so here for it! We outchea!!! Kali is a badass guitar player with tats and piercings (hello!) who was raised by two dads of different races(so different and refreshing, yet not uncommon.) The chemistry between Dante and Kali is off the charts and immediate. I loved that Kali acted on her sexual desires toward Dante without hesitation or regret in the sense that she feared being labeled slutty or loose (It’s 2015, get yo freak on!) But don’t get it twisted, this was not a story of a series of bumps and grinds. Dante and Kali actually took the time to get to know one another and allowed the relationship to progress naturally.

Now, if you’ve read the first two books (Not required before reading this one, but still highly recommended since there is character crossover and they’re just damn good stories), you know that these aren’t just lovey-dovey tales without some major drama. I’ll leave you with two words: Camping trip.

So I think it goes without saying that I loved this story. Never once did I feel that it lagged or dragged at any point. The scenes were intense where needed and light-hearted when warranted. Ursula Sinclair delivers on this one, and she is one of the queens of the new adult genre. Great story. I definitely wouldn’t mind another Dankal book in the future. Click it up!

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4 thoughts on “The Dancer: A Review

  1. I loved The Ballerina & the Fighter, and sadly enough I did like Dante (shame face), so I can’t wait to read this after Maze. Great review!

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