Monday Musings: I Ain’t Bout Dat Life

I’ve read a few really great books. I’ve read a lot of really good books. I’ve read a ton of really mediocre books. And I’ve read an arsenal of really shitty books. Reading the latter motivated me not to long ago to start my own “book. I can do this, and it will be so much better than this crap. WRONG!!!!


Writing takes real talent. I’m not talking about grammatical correctness or even proper sentence placement. I’m talking concept and execution. Plot and characterization. A good editor can put it all together to make it pretty and presentable, but if the story just plain sucks, all the editing in the world won’t save it. I admittedly have about 3 unfinished stories buried in the WTF Was I Thinking Folder on my laptop. I go back and reread this mess and cringe. I’ve concluded that I’m a much better reader than I am a writer. I’ll stick with that. Besides, I don’t take criticism very well, and I’d probably roast anyone who gave me a bad review. Yeah, I’m vain and petty, but I’m working on it. Kinda…


To all the indie writers out there, I salute you. You da real MVPs!


16 thoughts on “Monday Musings: I Ain’t Bout Dat Life

  1. LOLOLOL! I swear I heart you bad Patrice. I’m on a shitty reader rollercoaster now, but I believe it will get better. I’ve plotted out my reads for the month and I’m looking forward to that reader high after a satisfying book.

    1. See, that’s why we’re here ><. I'm trying to reach your level: reader/writer. I don't think I'll ever get there…Maybe one day. I'm having too much fun reading and being snarky lol

  2. Your story is probably better than you think. It’s been my experience that people with actual talent are the ones who question themselves. Those who are totally talentless have all the confidence in the world. I know I can write. I’ve been doing it for thirty years. But with every book (and I’m up to eighteen now) I get to the midway point and it’s all I can do not to set it on fire. Of course, it helps that they’re digital now and with multiple backups I’d have to really do some work to delete them, but still. In those situations, it helps to have a crit partner who will be honest with you.

  3. I have to say, as an author, I love reading your blog posts because you keep it really real! There have been times when I laugh my butt off and a few when I cringe and say, ‘oops, yeah, I’ve done that.”, but I love your honesty. And I also have to say, thanks for giving a shout out to authors because writing is not for the faint of heart…for real. Talent and creativity get the words on paper…passion, determination, thick skin, and learning to make changes are what it takes to get the nerve to publish. As I’ve said in one of my blog post when my first book was published, ‘writing is not for the faint of heart!’ Keep up the good work with your blog!

  4. LMAO!!! I love you! I wish I could copy & paste this blog post in reply to every bad review that was mean and hateful.Too hilarious!

  5. You are too funny. I use to write in high school and I look at the stories now and laugh. I keep thinking I have one great book in me, but every time I sit down to start writing I talk myself out of it. Like you I salute all the Indie writers out there, keep on keeping on!!

  6. You keep me with a stich in my side. Thank you for acknowledging that writing is no easy task. It is hard work. However, considering the engaging topics you create for this blog, I’m certain with some polishing, you can turn that manuscript into something special.

  7. I love this post! I’ve been writing for over twenty years, and was beyond happy doing it as a hobby. Then I discovered the Indie world and started reading some amazing stuff, and some horrible stuff. I jumped in and worked on self-publishing my own book. I’ve watched books that are terrible fly up the best selling lists, but the authors are amazing at promoting themselves. I’ve also watched great books tank for the exact opposite reason. It is not easy writing a book, but it is nothing compared to what you have to do after you’ve published. I wasn’t prepared for promoting, but I’m learning as I go and hopefully will figure it all out soon!

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