Series Spotlight With Tiana Laveen


If you are a fan of author Tiana Laveen, then you know she is never one to shy away from the unconventional, from the uncomfortable, from the stories that need to be told. And once again, she does not disappoint.

Ms. Laveen has a double release available now that I’m sure will not only spark some controversy, but hopefully, some much-needed dialogue about race and love and how the two co-exist in today’s society no matter how imperfect or ugly it may be-or at least start out.

If you’ve read Ms. Laveen’s Cross Climax II anthology, then you should already be familiar with The “N” Word (A short story in the anthology, but expanded with this double release). She was an innovator of this kind of IR coupling before it took off. Peep the trailer then an excerpt of The “N” Word. I’m definitely adding to my TBR. Will you be reading?

Book 1: The “N” Word

Book 2: Word Of Honor



Blood dripped from deep rips in his flesh and he succumbed to moments of unconsciousness. Soon, the sharp blows from something that felt like the stick of a mop or broom hit him hard and heavy against every inch of his body. The pain sent his brain in a damn tizzy as it finally broke into pieces from the brutal impact. But…

He refused to scream.
He refused to cry out.
He refused to plead.
He refused to bribe.
He refused to hate.
He consented to love.

That’s all he had.

That’s all that mattered in the entire, big ,wide, world.
He could almost feel his eyes swelling shut, and the darkness did devour the lost little boy in the woods…
He’d been swallowed by something bigger and badder than him but then, a new version of himself was released…
Something in the thick of the forest called him by name.
It sounded like a melody — the delightful, orgasmic sighs of a woman enjoying the way he moved inside of her…
It smelled like sweet pea perfume with a touch of sage and rose…
It felt like full, thick lips pressing into his own…
It tasted like peach preserves prepared and served in a mason jar with a red and white checkerboard ribbon perfectly wrapped around the middle…

…And it looked like Mia…

-written by Tiana Laveen




5 thoughts on “Series Spotlight With Tiana Laveen

  1. HELL YES! Bought my copies as soon as I found out they had been released! Looking forward to diving in.

  2. Thank you, Musings IRJ for featuring my new double release. I greatly appreciate and I hope you and your readers enjoy them as well.

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