Available Now From Author Lolah Lace: Yellow Ghost

Yellow Ghost Cover1 3
How frightening does this child look?

The long-awaited sequel to La Femme Selita is now available! Well, actually, it’s a prequel, but the point is, I had to wait damn near a year (You know I’m messin’ with you Lolah lol). La Femme Selita is basically about a woman who was raised and trained to be an assassin, and she does her job quite well. The only problem is, she fell in love with her mark. You can read my review here. If you like action, adventure, intrigue, and drama mixed in with your romance, then it is definitely worth the click.


For those who’ve read La Femme Selita, you’ll know it ended on one of those oh hell nah cliffhangers where we had to know more. Well, I am ready to get all of my answers. If you’re new to the series, get them both and read back to back. Yellow Ghost is available on Kindle Unlimited.



2 thoughts on “Available Now From Author Lolah Lace: Yellow Ghost

  1. Alright, you know cliff-hangers are my Kryptonite! Questions from the first book will be answered in a PREQUEL? You already know I’m going to buy them – just may not read them…yet.

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