Series Spotlight: Sin City by SK

FotorCreatedIf you read this blog regularly, then you’ll notice that I don’t feature many African American romances (slaps own wrists hard). Well that’s changing! Just like everything else in my life, I get in a comfort zone and stay there. Well, no more! There are hella good authors out here who write African American or AA romance and SLAY! Today’s feature is on one of my favorite AA authors and one of my favorite romantic series regardless of genres: The Sin City series by author S.K. Hardy, simply known as S.K. (That’s Sweet Karamel for those who don’t know).

I freaking love this series because it’s not a bunch of drug dealers and their hoe-ass jump-offs (Although I admitted enjoy a good one of those every now and then), but a sprawling saga about professional black men and women in love and all the juicy drama that accompanies them. Each installment usually focuses on one of four couples, however, all of them are featured prominently in each book. Sure, they could be read as stand alones, but I personally recommend reading the series from the beginning to end. Click up these books today and get to know:

  • Marcus and Aleesha
  • Darrell and Jerra
  • Dominick and Keisha

And my personal fave:

  • Angelo (Angel) and Nicole51b8syStrkL._AC_UL160_SR160,160_

Angel’s Wrath is the closest you’ll get to IR with this series, and you will not be disappointed. Angel is THE MAN! He kicks ass and takes names, and gives zero fucks!

So if you’re looking for a good series to get into, I highly recommend this one. If you’re a staunch IR fan like I am, then you could start with Angel’s Wrath and branch out from there, cause like I said, these books could be read on their own, but once you get a taste of the other couples, you’ll want to read their stories too!


5 thoughts on “Series Spotlight: Sin City by SK

  1. oh yeah, Angel was the maaannn! Girl bye, i ain’t see no Alpha like him yet, lols! I’m catching up with this series cause yeah…its good! really good!

    1. Yeah can’t no other man in this series eff with Angel. His brother Dom comes in close second tho. Angel is definitely an alpha male at the top of the heap-no fucks given when it comes to him and his lol. SK really needs to give Angel his own dedicated series.

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