Monday Musings: When Fangirls Attack

201412_2306_hcbce_smChile, I can’t…Even Drizzy can’t deal with all the crazy ass drama that goes on in the romance community, and this is the reason why I’m no longer a part of any author-based Facebook group. I hate to even go here, but when you get a bunch of women together, you know somebody’s bound to get in their feelings at some point. It’s become less about the love of reading and the discussion of books, and more about how much ass can I kiss to get in this author’s good graces so I can become Super Fangirl, and how many naked man asses can I post to be popular and get likes. Now, I’m all about having fun and letting loose, but what happened to genuine book discussions or just talking about stories and authors we love?

Now don’t get me wrong, I have my fangirl moments, but some of these chicks are worse than the Beyhive (That’s Beyonce’s crazed, snatch-your-edges fan base if you come out yo mouth wrong about their queen.) Don’t even think about writing a review less than 4 stars if you value your life. The fanhive will make you question your own sanity. I’m like, “Are these authors paying you?” DON’T ANSWER THAT!

I, myself, have been the victim of a fangirl sting or two. And you wanna know the sad part? The author did not do jack to diffuse the situation. Not.a.damn.thing. Chick just sat there and watched it all play out cause I questioned why she wrote a scene the way she did. So, when did this?


Turn into this?



10 thoughts on “Monday Musings: When Fangirls Attack

  1. This post! Yes! I am so here for it!!! *applauds*

    The main reason I’ve left numerous groups: There’s no actual book discussion. None. And if there is, the SAME books by the SAME authors are being discussed. Where’s the diversity? There’s no voting on books that aren’t all the rage. It’s rare that a newcomer is invited to any of these groups to talk about their work. I’ve been invited/added to other authors groups and I wonder why? Why was I invited if you’re not asking me to chat? Or interact with readers? Seems odd.

    Also, from a reader perspective, if you have a dissenting opinion from others, it automatically turns into shade city. Don’t even get me started on reporting postings attempting to get groups shut down. Adults. These are adults doing this. Why? It’s not that serious. What happened in the last year and a half? How did we get here?

    I wish an online book club existed for women of color where all types of books were discussed with animation and respect. Not limited to just one genre but damn fine literature. There are SO many books waiting to be tapped for discussion, yet they fall to the wayside because readers haven’t expanded their TBR piles or their interests. I’ve yet to come across one on Facebook, but a gal can dream.

    1. Agreed. I just keep my mouth shut in most of them, and only keep my eye on them for news of upcoming books. But I’m totally with you Harper. I want an actual book club where we can talk about a variety of books. Sometimes, I daydream about seeing if anyone actually lives in the same area as I do and want to form one.

  2. This is EVERYTHING! LOL! (You really need to stay out of MY head!) 🙂

    When you find the drama and the out-of-control fangirling, trust that there is either 1) An author who is not around much; or 2) a PA with illusions of power; or 3) an author who is always perched on his/her “FB throne.” Whatever. #swimawayswimaway

    Of course, the flip side of that is just try to create a generalized reader group or book club – you’ll never get everyone to agree on one book! LOL!

    *The Force is strong with this one.*

    1. Yup, you said it.. I’m trying to come up with a plan to form a genuine online book club. Not necessarily on Facebook, but just a space where like minded individuals can get together and chat without reservation.

  3. I totally agree with this. One of the big issues with romances contacting poc is discovery and that is one of the reasons I join these groups. But you quickly discover they are either blast site for one authors and/or her fellow besties and if she is not blasting herself then the moderator is. I am all about self promotion but no one author has a new release everyday. There is winning in sharing the love. Believe me there are enough readers for good content, I am just not sure why some readers/authors do not see this. We also join these book clubs searching for a connection with fellow romance readers of color something not readily available in our communities. I mean the idea of these OL communities turning into places good readers do not want to visit is sad. What is left?

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