Monday Musing: Am I Not A Woman?

So…Where do I even begin?? This week’s musing is inspired by this review


of this book:


This “review” angers me on multiple levels:

  1.  …this review is a warning to others like me who just can’t identify with the bw perspective
    • Translation: I’m a close-minded bigot who really doesn’t care about anyone but me (and the ww perspective because I checked out the books you’ve actually claimed to have read and reviewed), so I’m warning my fellow bigots not to even bother cause, ya know, we’re just too stupid to open our minds to new experiences.
  2. …At least this one mentions it before you buy it…Damn gotta return it…
    • Translation: I’m a lying-ass heffa cause I didn’t read or buy the book. I just saw another really interesting-sounding book that I actually considered buying, but when my racist ass saw that it was a BWWM romance that the author admittedly disclosed in the synopsis, I lost my shit, because black women out here stunting, and I’m just a salty-ass hater.
  3. I personally as a Hispanic woman cannot relate to the black woman
    • Translation: Even though I am a fellow woman of color (which I have serious doubts about) living in the United States of America-a country that is both historically and presently oppressive against people of color (Do you even watch the news or read a paper?), I have no desire to read about other women of color black women because they can’t possibly experience the same things that I do. I mean, they’re….black.

You wanna know what the sad part about all of this is? Joann is not alone in her thinking. There are a lot more Joann’s out there who refuse to read romance featuring a woman of color, more specifically, a black woman, simply because she is black. And the number one reason? They cannot “relate”.  I guess if you consider being equally or more qualified yet making less money than your white, male counterparts, having monthly periods, trying to find the perfect dress for that special occasion, taking twenty selfies til you get the right one, and losing one of your favorite earrings not being able to relate, then yeah, I guess you shouldn’t read BW romance. So in parting, get ready. Wait for it…

Girl Bye

Everyone else, click up Theodora’s book!


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12 thoughts on “Monday Musing: Am I Not A Woman?

  1. Salty a** hater sounds about right to me. She only has one black woman on her FB friends list so that says a lot about her right there. It’s always funny how a person can be all for gay rights but then make racists and sexist remarks. Who the hell has the time to write reviews for books they “was about to buy”. Then she later stated she returned it. But earlier said she didn’t click it. Color me confused. Get your lies straight first. To put all BWWM books in the same category is just bigotry on on whole other level. I don’t see anybody comparing Stephen King to Stephenie Meyer. Seriously? Bye Joann!

  2. I hate reviews like hers. She can’t relate to being a black woman, but…. she can relate to sneaking around with her step-brother, or screwing lions and tigers and bears. Meanwhile, viewing romance through the eyes of a black woman is where she draws the line because it’s sooooo farfetched and foreign that it takes her out of the story. Riiiiiiiiight. Don’t even get me started. No shade AT ALL to books about step bros and shifters (I’ve read a few myself). It’s all about the fantasy, but it’s just so stupid to say that reading about an African-American heroine is hard to relate to considering her other book selections…

  3. She knew full well what she was doing. That pissy disclaimer at end proves it. If “Joann” is truly Hispanic (and I have serious doubts), she’s deeply buried in a massive dose of self-hate. Hope you find your “wolf-shifter stepbrother who bounds you nice and tight.” Whatever, trick.

    Amazon is now removing responses – dozens have been removed in the last few days. If they’re going to engage in censorship, they should remove the “review” altogether since she admits to not even reading the book. Thought that was the whole point – reviewing books you READ.

  4. Amazon want to have their cake and eat it to. I have reported this troll, while waiting for it’s removal. Their is so-called author by the name of T.C Writer(moniker) who has written a book called” I hate Black Women” this crap is racist to the extreme. So I’m not shock about how much crap is being supported by idiots, who believed they have the right to belittle black women image. If you have read Roxie Rivera “Sergei ” which is BWWM. A reviewer by the name of Debra left a similar review regarding BWWM novels on March 2014. Yes, this Joann is hateful, jealous, and a loser. By posting her dubious review she is seeking to damage the author financially. Expected more of this behavior to emerge in the future. I myself will stop buying anything from Amazon. Keeping my dollars in my purse.

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