Monday Musings: Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!


Yes, I’m going there because you can’t discover something that already exists with thriving, self-sufficient inhabitants.

In honor of today, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite BW/NM (black woman/Native man pairings). I think this is a highly slept on coupling, and I hope you add these books to your TBR and read something new today! Let’s go!


red sun

  • Red Sun by Raven St. Pierre: This was my very first read by this author, and it involves two brothers in love with the same girl (dum, da, dum, dum, duuuummmm…) This is a young adult story, but they have more sense than many of the adult triangles I’ve read. Solei meets one brother first but is instantly attracted to his brother. Whom will she choose? Jolon or Elan? I know who I’d choose…


  • Leoti by Sienna Mynx: I don’t think I’ve read a sweeter love story than this one. This is one of my favorite Mynx stand alones, and one of the most slept on (and I suspect because it is BW/NM). This is a story about love, and lost, and self-discovery. Leoti is the quiet, brooding type, but damn, just look at the cover!


  • Heels of Love/The Enclave of Jyme by Phoenix Rayne: These are actually two separate books told from alternative perspectives, and I loved them both! Well, maybe I loved The Enclave of Jyme a little more cause it was way more insightful. It’s so funny how you read a story, but then when you’re presented with the opposing perspective, you get the full picture and everything you thought you knew or understood totally changes. Cricket Hooper moves to Seattle for a fresh start where she meets Jyme Samson-the ultimate alpha male. Jyme lives on the reservation with his family and is such an anomaly in Heels of Love. But when you read The Enclave of Jyme, everything finally makes sense. He’s sexy as hell too. Jason Momoa (he is part Native and Hawaiian among other things) was in my head the entire time.


  • Thunder In Her Body by C. Stanton: I have admittedly not read this one, but it’s been in my TBR for a minute. This is the story of Blaze Snow Comes Down (Awesome name!), a full-blooded Apache and a mixed race African-American woman (that sounds weird) who meet by chance and embark in a passionate, borderline obsessive relationship. Chile…she had me at full-blooded Apache named Blaze Snow Comes Down!


  • Better by Adrienne Thompson: Another book in my TBR…Billed as a follow up to the bestselling Your Love Is King (great book btw, and it’s BWWM), this story focuses on Carla (the BFF from YLIK). After she catches her cheating husband (mad drama) for the umpteenth time, Carla has had enough and dips for good. Starting over is never easy when you’re in a long-term relationship, but this one sounds like How Carla Got Her Groove Back with the help of one fine Cherokee named Michael. Yeah, bumping this one up too…

So here are 6 books to add to your arsenal if you haven’t already. When I read about BW and men of other ethnicities, the cultural differences fascinate just as much as the actual romance. If you know of any other BW/NM stories, please let us know in the comments. I’m always looking for something new to read.


Here are a few more! Thanks for all the recs. Keep em coming!

51G7AEBh5AL._SX278_BO1,204,203,200_ Love At Camp Black Bear by Toye Lawson Brown

51M20sGE4KL._SY445_QL70_Kindred: An American Love Story by P. J. Dean

Also a Swirl Award Nominee for Best Historical Romance

51H7vSwTqgL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_Flower In The Desert by Lavender Parker




22 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!

  1. I loved Leoti. It’s one of my favorite IR books overall, but these other titles look awesome so adding them to the TBR immediately. Great post.

      1. Yes! I don’t know like anyone who enjoys this combo, so that’d be awesome. Oh and Chayton’s Tempest was a good one.

  2. OoO! Girl! I have to add these to my TBR pile. I have Thunder in Her Body on my Kindle. Need to move that sucker up.

    I also recommend PJ Dean’s Kindred. Here are others I’ve purchased but haven’t read yet: Red Sky by Renee Alexis, Seminole Song by Vella Munn, and Branded by Emma Petersen. Found them all on Goodreads!

    1. Alright now! Kindred yes! How could I forget that one?! I just read that not too long ago too, but then again, I had this post queued for a minute… Thanks for the recs💜

  3. Thanks for the mentioning of the native people and what this day is really about. Leothi is on for today
    Been in a reading slump.

  4. I have the first two…yay me! Lols. Gonna check out the others. I have Kindred too, I need to read that soon. Oh I love this list!

    1. Sweet! I haven’t read it since it came out, and that was what, two years ago? I don’t want to give anything away, but I do hope that the brother that didn’t get chosen eventually gets his own story and finds happiness.

  5. Girl, you just made a sista broke this week! I didn’t even know there was this many NAM/BW pairings in books!!!!!!

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