Book Review: Error by Xavier Neal


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok newbs, if you have no idea what or who Triple D is, I have but two words for you: Destin McCoy. If you’ve read the Adrenaline series (You haven’t? Please get yo life then start with Book 1, Classic, and keep going…FYI-not required, but highly recommended), then you know there is a set of sexy triplets who go collectively by Triple D. Let’s see, there’s Daniel the horn dog, Drew the brooding one, and then there is my newest book crush Destin, the quiet, sexy, but don’t get it twisted nerd of the set. Destin is the heart of Triple D.


Why do I get so emotionally invested in these characters? Because they’re so damn adorable in that lovable yet cocky sort of way. Destin is struggling emotionally after the deaths of his brothers, and he’s hell-bent on getting revenge against the man responsible: The Devil (Read the damn series!) Liquor can’t numb his pain, but a sexy lil cutie on duty bartender named Azura is surely up to the challenge. Azura has been in deep lust with Destin forever, but between his family obligations and her shyness and lusting from afar, it just wasn’t happening-that is until Destin goes on a deep bender and Azura comes to his aid.


As with all the stories in the series, I love how these young couples are able to both take care of business while forming these deep, emotional and impenetrable bonds. Their love is always so passionate and so intense. It’s like Oooh, damn, yaaaasss! I especially love the Xavier Neal trademarks of these couples having their own special catchphrase that they say to one another, but especially the hilarious side-bars they have with the reader. Love it! Click it up!


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