Book Spotlight: The Boy Who Came Back A Wolf

Anybody who really knows me knows that I don’t read no paranormal, outer space, shape-shifting NOTHING! Nope. Can’t do it, won’t do it, and you better go on with that mess…So imagine my surprise when new author on the scene Kara Lockharte contacted me and asked if I were interested in reading her debut novel featuring a geeky nerd turned hot wolf babe. My initial reaction: Nah, that’s alright. Then when I kept reading her message a la wonk, wonk, wonk, wonk like all the grown-ups in Peanuts, and saw that it all took place in the future, and on a planet not Earth or even Jupiter, I was like: OH HELL NAH! How am I going to tell this nice lady it sounds like some mess that I don’t want no parts of….?

voluntary wig snatch
Patrice, you are the biggest damn hypocrite if you call out readers who won’t take a chance on IR because they “can’t relate” yet yo ass won’t take a chance on a paranormal/shifter/sci-fi story cause “you don’t like those.” Yes, I snatched my own wig. There’s nothing I dislike more than a hypocrite, and if I don’t tolerate that of others, I damn sure won’t tolerate it from myself. So, yes, I replied and enthusiastically told Ms. Lockharte to send it on! And back to our regularly scheduled program…
The Boy Who Came Back A Wolf was actually good, and this is in no way a shady comment towards Ms. Lockharte, but the honest to goodness realization of a hypocritical biyotch who has learned the error of her ways and scored! I enjoyed this story for a number of reasons: One, it was short. Now that I’m a full time grinder and a part-time hustler, I don’t have the time to read longer stories like I used to. This is the perfect read for the book addict who needs a quick fix and wants something good at the same time. Two, the story features a plus-sized heroine. Lauryn Daring is about her business, and she will do whatever it takes to succeed by hook or crook (Ain’t that how the government operates?). l’ girl kicks ass and takes name. And three, what’s romance if it doesn’t feature a hot dude? A dude who happens to be a mysterious shape shifter with some secrets t tell.
Although The Boy Who Came Back A Wolf is book 1 in the Space Wolf Chronicles series, it can be read as a stand alone. And because she’s such a nice lady, the book is currently FREE on Amazon today and tomorrow (11/12-11/3) only so click it up NOW! If you love sci-fi, werewolves, quickies, or all all three, definitely add this one to your TBR. If you’re not a fan of the three, refer to the gif above then add to your TBR.
About The Author:

Kara Lockharte is a busy mom. While trying to avoid being sucked into PTA obligations she writes paranormal and science fiction romances with strong heroines. She is a New Yorker who spends her time drinking far too much bubble tea, picking up Legos, and dreaming of space pirates and shifters.

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