Recommended Read: Haunted by Christina C. Jones


I don’t feature enough AA romance on this blog, and that’s certainly going to change in the new year. It’s quite refreshing when I come across a story that is not only a sensual, well-written piece of fiction, but one that tells the story of black love in such an unconventional way. I  haven’t found many AA paranormal romances, so I was very excited to read this one because I didn’t know what to expect. I won’t go into a lot of detail with this story because there are so many delicious twists and turns that I know I would end up giving away the whole damn story!

Khalida is like so many of us women. We seem to have it all on the outside, but there’s something missing that doesn’t make us feel “complete”. A good part of it is her sorry-ass, full-time lover, part-time man Travis who’s only out for self. Working and living with your man can be challenging, and Travis shows his ass literally and figuratively. Khalida is ready to kick him to the curb, but you know how we can get when we have no prospects to take over. You deal…

That is until Khalida begins to have these erotic, vivid hallucinations/dreams that soon blur the lines between fantasy and reality. And guess what? They ain’t about Travis! Enter Aram Duncan: the walking epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. Need a visual? Well here ya go!


Lawd, help me!

Aram is not only foine, but mysterious and a man of many secrets. He and Khalida have a surprising and unexpected connection of royal proportions. And I’ll leave it there…If you love grown and sexy romance with a little time travel, and unimaginable happenings, then Haunted is definitely worth the read. Now pardon me, as I troll the internet for more Broderick Hunter…


10 thoughts on “Recommended Read: Haunted by Christina C. Jones

  1. Heyyy! So happy to hear you enjoyed, and thank you for the great review! Such a nice thing to wake up to on my timeline!

  2. Heyyy, what an awesome thing to wake up to! So happy to hear you enjoyed it, and thank you for the awesome review!

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