Monday Musings: He Can Choke Me Out, But If He Cheats…


I swear romance readers puzzle the hell outta me sometimes. When it comes to a story, there are no limits and there are no rules, except when it comes to the subject of fidelity. Fidelity seems to be a very contentious subject matter when it comes to romantic fiction. If one of the main characters cheats, it is a wrap. DNF. One star. I read some of these reviews and just sit back and CTFU. Really girl? You gon give this book one star cause the dude cheated on his wife? Even though they were having hella issues and couldn’t work it out and they ended up separating? Even though the book is beautifully written and addresses some real-life issues and offers some realistic resolutions? Yup, one star…

Go on wit dat bullshit

I did not realize how seriously some readers are offended by cheating until I saw the verbal beatdown an author took for her book in which the wife of one couple and the husband of the another couple grew close after their respective spouses all but abandoned their marriage for whatever reason. I mean, this book was really good because it dealt with some serious issues that married (or even non-married, committed) couples face, but the fact that these two married people grew close and eventually gave in to their feelings negated everything else and caused a shit storm among readers.

Now, on the flip side, I see readers going gaga over these dark romances where dude didn’t get his mommy’s love so he grew up hardened and emotion-less and goes on to literally sodomize his woman in front of his male constituents. But he gets a pass, see, cause he had some issues. It’s all good though cause he eventually realizes the error of his ways and gets help then they live happily ever after…Chile bye.


Now do I endorse or condone cheating? Hell no, but I just find it ironic and downright laughable that somebody can get upset because a character cheats but doesn’t have a problem with a character who is physically or mentally abusive. I guess that old adage does proves true: Different strokes for different folks. Is there a subject matter, if any, that just turns you completely off that will cause you to just go NOOOOOOPE?


26 thoughts on “Monday Musings: He Can Choke Me Out, But If He Cheats…

  1. Smh, it is definitely fascinating. Now you have me curious on the name of the book! I want to read it now.

      1. I don’t like dark romances. I was asking the name of the other book where it was addressing infidelity.

  2. Smh, it definitely is fascinating to watch! Now you have me curious on the name of the book. I want to read it now. Lol!

  3. The one thing I can think of that totally turns me off is when the Alpha male is too alpha. To the point where he isn’t alpha, just an arrogant assh*le. I read a book like that recently and I couldn’t finish it.

      1. Oh yeah, those too. I’ve tried to read some shifter stories, but they always make me uncomfortable. Like you, I think bestiality, that’s not

      2. I can read the shifter stories as long as they’re both wolves or if the dude or chick is in human form and the other person isn’t a shifter. But if the wolf and the human hook up… 😱😲😷😝

  4. My “nope” button gets pushed when the hero rapes or forces seduction onto the heroine. There are very few times where the story is so good I’ll give it the side-eye but can overlook it and see the bigger picture.

    1. Yeah, that’s another one for me too. There has to be some major role redemption happening for me to forgive rape or “forced” sex in any context.

  5. For me, it depends how the cheating happens. I read a book where the woman was just unhappy because her husband worked a lot and so she cheated. I hated that. She did not try to communicate with her husband or work out their problems.
    There have been other cases where the woman was being abused and/or her husband was trying to kill her. I can understand how she could find solace and tenderness in the arms of another man.

    As for these jackwad borderline physically and emotionally abusive alphas that are supposed to get a pass for mommy/daddy issues…No. That will get a one star every time.

    1. We live in such a culture where cheating is glamorized with side pieces and multiple wives, that I’m desensitized, but abuse is something I don’t do at all.

  6. This post is EVERYTHING! You nailed it! Infidelity turns me off just as much as “possible coercion” and “dubious consent.” What’s needed is a new genre – “Have At It!” – cuz’ the Romance genre – and ALL its subgroups – is getting light on the romance part.

  7. As usual you are on point!! I couldn’t begin to understand some readers’ tastes. I can’t get into that dark stuff…virgins falling in love with their captors. Uh…what?? Nope!!

  8. I’m just glad I’m not the only one in the wilderness who gives a squint and a nope to these so-called “dark romances”. I saw an ad for one on my FB feed and I thought it was for a horror novel.

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