Book Recommendation: When It All Falls By Cassie Maria


When I first saw this cover, I immediately 1-clicked it. I didn’t read the synopsis. I didn’t read the sample. I didn’t even check the price, and you know why? The cover! This is the author! On the cover! Who does that?! That shit is gangsta lol! I mean, seriously. We all know how difficult it is for authors who write AA/IR romance to find decent, affordable, and original cover art that even remotely conveys what the book is about. Ms. Maria said bump all that. I’ma be my own damn cover model!


Now, about this book:

I really liked this story, and initially, I was all kinds of WTF is this shit? Real talk! I am an emotional reader, meaning, I take what I read to heart (while still maintaining a sense of reality that yeah, this is fiction). When I’m drawn to a character, I instantly care about them, and when another character does them dirty, and my favorite character allows it, I am on the other side of my Kindle going into orbit! Yup, this is one of those stories!

bye felicia

Skye and Ian are best friends. Skye has been in love with Ian since they were teenagers in junior high school, but Ian is douche. He uses Skye emotionally because he knows she’ll always be there for him emotionally, and later on physically. And she allows it! This story starts off on a very frustrating note in this, but I’m telling you, it gets better!

Skye goes through college life allowing Ian to continue to manipulate her until one fateful meeting of a handsome up-and-coming rock star named Max (aka Cree). Cree is a rocker in every sense of the word-swagged out and tatted up. He takes an immediate liking to Skye, and she’s flattered by the attention cause ol’ dirty dog Ian sure ain’t giving her none. AND HERE IS WHERE THE STORYSHIFTS. DRAMATICALLY!


When Skye has finally had enough of Ian’s shit and dumped him, she does something impulsive and I-didn’t-see-that-coming. How will she and Cree navigate this new life together? How will Skye adjust to life on the road as the ultimate rock star groupie? And how will she handle all the hoes that come with the job? This story is a very realistic portrayal of the rock star life and how relationships are sustained-or not-when you’re in love with rocker.

My only gripe about this story is all the multiple names for one character! Skye had so many, I could barely keep up. Cree started referring to her as Bianca after he discovered her middle name, and on more than one occasion, I found myself asking “Who the hell is Bianca?” All the band members had their own individual nicknames for her (Side note: I thought it was really cool how the author tells us how each band member earned their nicknames). Cree was first introduced as Max (His nickname origin had me like 0_0). All-in-all, very good story. Click it up!