Monday Musings: When I Read Romantic Fiction…



I want to be:

gif of life

  • Thoroughly entertained: I mean, this is fiction after all. I like some elements of GTFOH where they do that at? mixed with oh, yeah, I can see that happening sprinkled with a healthy dose of swoon…if only…



  • Transported to a place I’ve never been: And I’m not necessarily talking about some exotic locale. This could be a simple as a sprawling farm in bumfuck Nebraska, or as mundane as a rock star on a tour bus,  or as romantic as a seaside escape on the Pacific coast. I love when authors introduce me to places and experiences that I may have only heard of or seen on TV, but never actually seen people who look like me have a life there or do things that I never would have imagined.



  • Emotionally impacted: Yeah, I can read the newspaper if I want to be emotionally impacted too, but don’t writers write because they want to affect their readers in some way emotionally? I want to fall in love with these characters. I want to hate the villain. I want the couple to have their HEA.

Now I’m not saying every book I read has to have every one of these elements, but I am checking for at least one, with being thoroughly entertained high among the ranks. You know what does bother me? When a book is tagged a romance, and there ain’t no romance! Let me clarify, lol: When a book is tagged a romance, and there ain’t no S-E-X! Dammit lmao…Why they play me like that?


So, what do you look for in a romance? I’m nosy curious.



16 thoughts on “Monday Musings: When I Read Romantic Fiction…

  1. Amen & I second everything listed! I would love for each book that I read to have some kind of impact on me. Whether it’s tears, laughter, holding my breath, a wow moment, or simply feeling satisfied that I experienced what was given by an author is what I look for in a good read. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece! A really well written smutty story can make me just as happy-and are some of my faves! Thanks for another great Monday visit!

  2. I usually prefer a good friends to lovers trope. Those are by far my favorite types of romances. LOL, I don’t necessarily need sex. I mean, my favorite romance book is Being Plumville by Savannah Frierson, and you don’t get ANY sex in that joint until like the very very very end and even, so it’s not at all graphic and worked with the story line.

    Unless I’m reading romantic suspense, paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi, I need realism. I prefer the “it can happen to you” types of stories.

    I also am for all the feels. I’m totally on board if I go through a whirlwind of emotions (lol and they don’t all have to be good). As long as the author moved me to react in some fashion with a healthy balance of “oh hail naw” to “YASSSSSS” I’m in it for the long haul. A good villain also helps propel a story forward for me.

    That Snoop gif, though… LMAO!

    1. Oh and although there is no sex in Being Plumville, it’s one of my all-time favorites too. I legit read that story at least once a month. What it lacks in sex, it make up for it with the swoon factor. And it’s just a damn good story. So beautifully written…

      1. You’re welcome! 😉 Can’t wait to dive into More Than A Summer Love!

  3. I want sex, real sex, and nothing but sex. Ok maybe not that much sex but I read for escapism. I want that “God if only…” Or “I wish I could…” moments. I’m STILL trying to talk my husband into getting a damn dick piercing because some characters have it and I “wish I could…”.

    I want to finish a book feeling like I just made a friend. I don’t like too much angst cus I am not about drama in my life and I don’t care to read about someone else’s drama. I need that HEA. I’ve stopped or never started some tv shows because I want to be entertained. I don’t want to feel like I need to seek out therapy afterward.

    If an author is good I can suspend reality and lose myself in the world they tell me to believe in. Now only if more authors put out good audio books I’d be a happy camper.

  4. I want romance, I WANT sex!!!! when I’m reading my romance. How they hooking up and ain’t bumping uglies? I want to fall into the world you done built and come out it all book drunk and happy, lols.

    I agree with Monica, you don’t have to give me a masterpiece but dang it…give me sumthing 😉

    1. I read a book recently that had me fanning myself and wishing my husband would leave work early. Writing wise, it was a smooth 2-star read but the story was engaging and the author could knew her way around a sex scene!

  5. I’m consigning everything that was said above! For me, first in my list is an emotion response. I can even hate the characters but I need the author’s words to affect me emotionally whether it’s, “I wish a mofo would”, or “YASSS girl!” or “Noooooo, this can’t be happening right now!” I want 3-dimensional, multi-layered characters and a story that I get invested in and want to root for….or wish they get punched in the throat. Whateva…just move me!

  6. I want to be emotionally impacted. I have a soft spot -contemporary or fantastic-where the hero or heroine has a problem to overcome. (Not drama, but real issues-disability, social problems,age/body shape, cultural differences) because I get so happy when they are together & in love despite the craziness in the world. Mostly, I just wanna like them and love there conversations. Good dialogue & good sex scene for the win.

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