I’ve Created A Monster!

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This blog is one of my babies. I run several half dead blogs on multiple platforms, and as introverted that I am by nature, I get my people fix by blogging. I started this blog because I noticed that there are little to no other book blogs that are dedicated solely to romance that feature black (Notice that I did not say American, but black which encompasses all women of the African diaspora) women in leading roles, and I wanted to showcase that. Well, I think I do a decent enough job of it, but as I look at my stats, the one thing I immediately notice is, there is one day out of the week that earns the most visitors and the most comments, and guess what it is?

Monday Musings

I started the musings feature as a total fluke. It was never meant to become a regular feature, but it’s now sort of taken a life of its own. This one post is sometimes weeks in the making because I can’t always say the things that I want to say. Well, I can, but I’m not a total c*nt. I usually get my inspiration from two sources: My actual reading, and my Facebook and Goodreads timelines lmao. I kid you not! My timelines stay lit, good or bad, because I am friends with or follow the best people.

Git It

I will see something that triggers or compels me to speak on a certain topic. Most of the time, however, my mind is working overtime, flooded with thoughts that I have to get out of my head before it explodes! I wish our minds came with an off switch sometimes because I can literally see the words floating around up there sometimes…

Going forward, my goal is to make the Monday Musings post a more interactive one where I’ll talk about a subject or a trend or some crazy shit I see going on in the romance genre and just open the floor to others’ thoughts, opinions, and musings-after I’ve given my dollar’s worth of course (teehee). I have something in mind for the next musings post that I’m sure will get people talking, at least I hope. I need to write it down before I forget…

Til next Monday, muse on!



11 thoughts on “I’ve Created A Monster!

  1. Girl… I literally, JUST before coming here, said to myself “Oh shoot! It’s Monday! Let’s go see what she’s talking about today”! LOL Too funny 🙂 You definitely give us good reason to pop in and see what you’re up to.

  2. Sometimes I slip up and forget but I always make it back and check your site out. Mondays are my favorite. I know it will be something good. Your topic from a few weeks ago on authors potentially leaving IR is till marinating for me. (Planning on doing more reviews and going back and adding Amazon reviews for ones I have not done.)

    1. I’m so happy that I’m inspiring you and that you find enjoyment in the musings. I enjoy writing them-when I finally figure out what I wanna muse about! I’m actually going through all the books I’ve read too and doing some “post reviews”. Especially if I really loved the book. See ya n the next musings 😉

  3. I love the Monday Musings! I love all the posts. I’ve been introduced to new stuff from your posts and comments section. Actually, reading LEOTI now based on one of your posts.

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