Book Recommendation: Sink by Xavier Watson


I don’t think I’ve read a story with this much of a plot twist since…well, in a long damn time! Sink is my favorite kind of narrative: A whole lotta WTF did I just read?

Real talk: This was my face:

So our story starts in the year 1965 then goes back and forth even way back and forth. We’re introduced to Walton, a young redneck, racist shit of a police officer who’s married to a young white thot named Rosselyn who is filthy rich. Their relationship has been screwed up since Rosselyn’s miscarriage. Walton blames himself and questions his manhood while Rosselyn feels less of a woman because she couldn’t carry a child to term. The loss of their child causes an irreparable rift in their marriage to the point where Rosselyn seeks comfort, sexual comfort that is, in the form of one of her black workers named Ewing. Ewing hits all the right spots, and these two actually fall in love, but of course, they can never be a couple. One, because she’s married, and two, well, it is the 50’s (at this point. I did say the story goes back and forth…) Little did these two lovebirds know, Walton discovers his wife’s traitorous secret, and he’s so distraught that he decides to end his life. This is only the beginning…

Walton meets a beautiful, black woman named Vivian, and despite his racist views and overall hatred of black people, he is smitten and fiercely attracted to her. She’s his equal in so many ways because she gives as good as she gets and does not hesitate to call him and the other racists out on their BS. What started as a one-night stand soon blossoms into something deeper, but to be together would mean to choose sides (or would it), and this is where the drama intensifies.

oh really
This was such an entertaining read because once you begin the story, you truly think ok, I’m reading a lil back-in-the-day love story about this interracial couple, and they’ll just have to overcome the odds to be together. NOOOOOOOPE! They did in a sense, but not in the way you may expect. I’ve never read anything by this author before, but man…I was so impressed. Along with the romance was plenty of action and some very spot-on social commentary. Heads up: This story is gritty and written in the context of life in the 50’s and 60’s. There are racial slurs and southern vernacular used throughout. Sink, is really good. Truly unlike anything I’ve ever read. At least that I can recall…


4 thoughts on “Book Recommendation: Sink by Xavier Watson

  1. Okay, I will definitely add this to my TBR pile, but that cover….Yeah, I do get turned off by really bad cover designs and I am sure that I can miss out on a some good stories that way too. If it wasn’t for this review I wouldn’t have even read the synopsis for this one! Another great review!

  2. Just finished it this morning and like you, all I can say about it is WTF. For a minute I thought another book was mixed into the one I was reading. I went back a few pages wondering what did I miss.

    Bottom line for me, I did enjoy, it was a nice curve ball.

    1. Yayyyyy!!! It was crazy but in a pleasant way right? I like stories that keep me guessing all the way to the end. She actually has another book out called Stockholm’s Syndrome that I’m about to read. This one sounds even wilder!

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