On The Radar: His Number One Fan by Danyell A. Wallace!


I don’t think I can comment enough about how much I love YA/NA stories. I just love, love, love them, and when I discover a new author who writes entertaining romance about young lovers that feature carefree black girls finding their way in the world, I get especially giddy and fangirly. Danyell A.Wallace is a new IR author on the scene, and she’s such a genuinely sweet person to interact with. Her debut novel, Wanting You, is out now, so add it to your TBR, but I wanna talk about this upcoming story His Number One Fan. It’s dropping December 17th, and when Danyell revealed the cover on her Facebook page, I begged kindly asked for a lil sneak peek or sum’n.  She was happy enough to oblige, so check it out:


Nyla Freeman hasn’t seen her long time childhood friend Caleb Walker in over four years. She’s a pre-med student who’s looking forward to a well-deserved break from the common stress of being a college student so she decides that, instead of going to Italy with her family during her two-week spring break, she will spend it with Caleb instead.

Caleb happens to be a member of an up and coming band called Wildfire who are well-known in the Sacramento area. Nyla’s plan is to fly out to California to catch up and reminisce with her best friend, but that all changes her first night there when she meets the rest of the band members, and becomes really curious about their lead singer, Mason Scott. Their first encounter is brief, but when his gray eyes land on her brown ones, she knew she wanted to know more about him…in every imaginable way.

Everything about Mason oozed sex appeal, from his tousled black hair, to his hot bod covered in ink, and finally, to the way he worked the crowd. He flirted with every concert goer-man or woman. He did not discriminate.

As Mason makes his way to the mic, he closes his eyes briefly and begins rocking back and forth, allowing the music to overtake him. But before he sings the next verse, he opens his eyes and they lock with Nyla’s. In that single moment, she becomes His Number One Fan, not realizing that this night was the beginning of both of their lives changing forever…

Okay…That was a nice lil plot twist cause who else thought Nyla had the hots for Caleb? I totally thought that Nyla was going to hook up with Caleb, but here comes Mason! She got me, and I’m ready! His Number One Fan is scheduled for a 12/17 release. Be sure to like Danyell’s FB page for updated release info. I’m personally looking forward to this one. I love a good rock star romance!



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