Monday Musings: New Year, New Me!

Monday Musings!

Firstly, Happy New Year! Secondly, how y’all liking the new digs? Personally, I’m feeling it quite mightily lol. All that Pepto Bismol pink was making me sick! I needed to lighten and simply things to match my burgeoning minimalist lifestyle. That’s a struggle, and I’ll speak more on that later…

Happy New Year 2016 Image

Anyway, I am so happy that it is 2016! Last year was a really good year for me personally and professionally. I scored a major accomplishment in my profession by being one of only thirteen bankers in the Mid-Atlantic region to become an accredited ACH professional. Only 13 out of dozens who took the exam passed! So yes, 13 is a lucky number! Personally, I took the plunge and launched my own editing business after  six months of doubting and debating with myself about if I was ready or even good enough. Fear is a mother I tell you, but I kicked its ass like it stole something!


So, let’s talk about the blog, and what you, the reader, can expect for 2016 and beyond. I’ve decided that in order to simplify things for myself, a dedicated blogging schedule would be required. No more willy-nilly, fly-by-night posts. Each day (with the exception of Sunday which is my absolute Chile Bye day) will have meaning in that you will always know what to expect on those particular days. I’m not saying I’ll be posting six days a week (some weeks, I just may, but don’t come to expect it cause, chile bye lol), but when you visit on any given day, you’ll know what to expect. So…

  • MONDAYS: MONDAY MUSINGS-This will never change and will always be the top-billed post on Mondays.
  • TUESDAY AND THURSDAYS: Author spotlights, book spotlights, and blog tours. I fully understand that I may miss out on some tours due to this new self-imposed limitation, but I’ll live…
  • WEDNESDAYS: A new feature called Around the Blogosphere. I read and follow a lot of book-related blogs, and I love reading other bloggers’ and authors perspectives on the (romance) industry, so I’ll basically be sharing the blogger love by reblogging or reposting (with their permission of course) an interesting post. This may not be every Wednesday, but this day will be a “placeholder” for such posts.
  • FRIDAYS: Another new feature I call Off The Grid. My musings extend far beyond romance reading, and these are musings of sort that have absolutely nothing to do with romance at all. I’ve been itching to just talk about and feature other things, but always felt this wasn’t the platform for it. Well, NOT NO MO’! I have so many other interests like food and drink, fashion, entrepreneurship, the handmade revolution, and  travel (like I’m this renaissance chick…NOT!) that I would like to talk about, and Fridays will be the designated day for such posts.
  • SATURDAYS: Recommended Reads. Not necessarily reviews, but recommendations. They may not even be books I particularly cared for, but they just got me feeling some type of way, and I want to share it with you anyway lolol

So there you have it. New year. New me. New blog. See ya on the next post.