Off The Grid: Collage Queen

Collage Queen

I love making collages! It’s something about taking bits and pieces of this and that and creating something visually unique and one-of-a-kind. I think my love for collage came about during my sophomore or junior year of collage when I had to take an art class as one of my electives.

The professor was this really cool cat who assigned the class a project of creating a collage. While most of us had heard the word “collage” we didn’t know that there were rules to making collage. Typically with collage making, you start with a blank, white canvas, and the objective is to completely cover that canvas so that no white space is left. Collage can be either abstract or have a specific theme and can incorporate all kinds of media. I personally love dimensional collage where the items “jump” out at you.


I’ve rediscovered my love for making collage, and while I’ve made a few “celebrity ones”, like above, I thought I’d start to personalize them a little more. To start, I must have the proper materials, and that’s almost always some old magazines and some scrapbook stickers.



Next up, the supporting players: some paints, sticky stuff, and a canvas.

20160102_143310 20160102_143832











And now, putting my vision into action…



A plain, white canvas would not do for what I had in mind. I knew my collage would be “bastardized” in that it would have some white space still showing, and the rule my college professor drilled into me was: The background should be undetectable at all times. By painting the canvas, it actually becomes part of the “collage” itself.

My muse:


And without further ado, the finished product! I love the colors and the outcome! I’m thinking of framing and hanging this, but I’ll probably gift it at some point.





6 thoughts on “Off The Grid: Collage Queen

  1. Yes!!! I love doing this as well. My daughter and I do this a lot especially with family pics!!

    Peace & Blessings

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