#TeaserTuesday: “Two Can Play That Game” – Part 1 – #Fiction

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I love flash fiction where you get a new installment every week. It’s such sweet torture. Marquessa is quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers and Twitter buds.

Check out part 1 of her fictional short “Two Can Play That Game, then head over to her blog to follow the series.

Aside… Mobile blogging socks…

The Next Chapter


Photo credit: hansvandenberg30 via Foter.com / CC BY

This piece unfolds in four parts. I’d love for you to “Follow” the next installment.

A strong cup of hot black coffee was the only thing I wanted.

Like everyone else standing in the queue, I needed my morning caffeine fix so I decided to stop at the first coffee shop on my way to the office.

For the first time that week, I was actually early for work. But that was only because Brittany had kept me up for most of the night and I had never really gone to bed. When I’d picked her up from the airport the night before, she had wanted to make up for lost time, lots of lost time. I was glad that I had no meetings that day because I knew that when the wave of tiredness eventually hit me, it would hit hard…

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