Tea & Me

After all the drama that transpired on this “whack” blog this week, I wanted to talk about something very near and dear to my heart, and that is tea. I love it! I drink it like it’s going out of business, and I much prefer it to the taste of coffee. I will drink it hot, lukewarm, or iced. I love just about all flavors and blends, and I’m constantly on a quest to tickle my taste buds. Now all you coffee lovers, get out ya feels right now. This ain’t about you right now. I enjoy coffee, but I just love tea ok?


I think my mini obsession started when I was a child. We had two beverages in the fridge at all times: Kool-Aid and iced tea. Man, if that ain’t a stereotypical, black household thing, I don’t know what is lol. But I own it! My stepfather would make the iced tea so sweet, that it was literally liquid diabetes. I would actually dilute it by half and fill my glass to the brim with ice cubes and it still was too sweet for my liking. These days, I either drink my tea unsweetened or with a teaspoon or two (max) of sugar (not artificial sweetener).

As I got older, my tastes got a little more sophisticated. I graduated to the bougie spicy, exotic, yet affordable blends like Bigelow. On the real, sometimes, I’ll take a couple of these tea bags and brew themĀ  for room fresheners. They are potent!


Now that I’m in my 40’s, my tastes are much more refined (Don’t get it twisted, I will drink the hell outta some Lipton’s). I found this wonderful tea maker called Tea Drops, and it is founded and operated by a woman of color!


The teas are loose and individually pressed and wrapped and come either in a biodegradable box or these cool ass wooden boxes (which I am accumulating by the month!) The flavors are crazy delicious like cardamom spice, citrus ginger, and an herbal assortment.


I enjoy a cup, or two every morning or when I’m busy reading and/or editing. Tea is the nectar of the book addicts!