Off The Grid: Single and Lovin It!


This graphic literally says it all: I AM ENOUGH! I don’t need a relationship and/or children to feel valuable or “worthy of being a woman” whatever the fuck that means. I can honestly say that I am the absolute happiest I have ever been in my life. I live by my own rules, and I am accountable to no one but me. This doesn’t make me a cold, unfeeling person, because once you get to know me, you will quickly discover that I am the exact opposite.

One of the biggest misconceptions people think being a single and childless woman means is:

  1. I have lots of free time, therefore, I should be available whenever and wherever someone needs me.
  2. I should have lots of money since I have no “real responsibilities”.
  3. I’m a lonely spinster.

Hell No!

  1. My time is my own, and I choose how to spend it. Contrary to popular belief, I am often busier than not. I just don’t advertise my life on social media or to others, and I have no problem saying “no” simply because I do not want to. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  2. I’m comfortable, but I ain’t rich by a long shot. I work a 9-5, as well as a couple of side hustles. I’m an ambitious woman with many passions, passions that I want to generate me some income. If anything, being single often means you have to work harder to afford basic necessities like food, clothing, and shelter simply because you’re not sharing the expenses with anyone.
  3. I am alone, but very rarely lonely. See #2. I am always on some kind of grind, and when I need companionship, trust and believe, I gets it.

So yeah, this carefree black girl is loving life. Being single ain’t a death sentence or a badge of shame. Just do you and be happy. That is all…


11 thoughts on “Off The Grid: Single and Lovin It!

  1. On point ! You read my mind girl! I was just thinking about all of this yesterday after a conversation with someone ( where on the inside I was shaking my head)….😐

  2. I agree with you. I am beyond busy without kids and husband. Ft job. Pt job. School ft. I have zero time for a damn other thing. I don’t need distractions from my goals for me by me. I also don’t want any children or a bothersome husband. I’m so satisfied in my life I am content. No time or desire to be lonely. Sometimes I think people who are married are more lonely with a partner. Great post.

  3. I couldn’t agree with this post more! Just the other day a high school friend(who was pregnant with her 3rd child, with no job by the way and no men that stuck around to help raise her sweet children) asked me “So when are you having kids? You better get on it before you’re too old to get pregnant.” I almost lost my shit. And that’s just one of the many things I hear as a single 30yo woman.

    My family’s worse. They think by me being single and childless that somehow means I can drop everything to help them out because apparently, All I do is sit around all day. I just have to laugh. Here’s to all my single ladies out there that don’t need children or a man to feel absolutely complete!


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