Monday Musings: Diversifying My Reading Preferences

Monday Musings II

When I started this blog back in July 2014 (I can’t believe I’m creeping up on two years of “whackness”), I had but one goal in mind: Talk about my love of IR romance novels. Nothing more. Nothing less. See, at the time, I was deep in the IR romance streets. I was in just about every group (Yeah, I was for all those who claim they didn’t know I existed), and actively participated and advocated for the authors who wrote IR romance exclusively. It was the only romance I had been reading for the last two years,

Flash forward eighteen months later, and boy have I changed! I’m making very subtle changes to my brand, starting with my blog name and masthead. If you’ll notice, I’m no longer Musings of An IR Romance Junkie. I’ll also be updating my blog URL very soon. Now I’m in no way saying that I’m never reading IR romance again, because if you follow me on Goodreads or Facebook, then you know I haven’t given it up, and I probably never will. What I am saying though is there are sooooo many other great books written in other genres that deserve some love and recognition too.

A period of reflection or thought

I think African American, or AA Romance, is one of the most underrated romance genres. Sadly, they get lumped in or overshadowed by the hood urban dramas. LGBTQ Romance is also under-served, and sadly, homophobia in the black community is still a real issue, so the books are often relegated to the “back of the class”. I’ve read a few, and let me tell you, ain’t no real difference except what’s in the characters’ draws. They go through the same shit as heterosexuals do, and the stories are just as romantic and dreamy. I’m even reading a few white mainstream titles written by women of color. Gasp! Yes, I am evolving as a reader, but my primary focus for this blog will always be to showcase black women in a romantic lead. Evolution is good, and we should all try it. Your spirit will thank you.


7 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Diversifying My Reading Preferences

  1. I love the idea of expanding your reading horizons without this checklist diversity culture.
    I think it’s wonderful to just START READING good stuff by a wide variety of authors and then talking about those books so readers know they exist. For a long time, I read what was handed to me, I didn’t go looking for anything. So, I was reading a lot of authors that don’t look like me and don’t write about people that looked like me. Then I happened to stumble upon a few blogs centered around black fiction and BOOM. Once I became aware I jumped right in.

    My poor TBR… LOL!

    1. Let’s not even talk about poor TBR’s lol. That was part of my inspiration for this post. I have so many diverse titles just collecting dust, and I need to start reading them!

  2. I look forward to seeing what you venture out into. Be careful though or you’ll be buried under a TBR pile right next to me!

  3. I actually loooooove AA romance and I enjoy SOME lgbtq titles. I don’t think I’ll ever fully venture into M/M romance because well, ain’t no women love interests,lol. I think the only thing I’ll never have a huge interest in are romances with two white characters. Before my sister and I started blogging that’s all we read, so 4 years ago was when we had our epiphany to start reading books featuring marginalized characters. Haven’t looked back from that decision but it did mean we got rid of a LOT of books. Good luck on that journey, chica!

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