Off The Grid… Well Sorta


Anyone who knows me well, knows I have a couple of side hustles (cause a sista stays on her grind). One of them is freelance editing, and it’s been going remarkably well (Shout out to all the authors who’ve given me a shot!)


Writing numbers in fiction and dialogue can be so tricky. Do you spell them out or not? The easiest rule of thumb to remember is all numbers zero-one hundred are spelled out. I was so tempted to write 0-100 lol, and that’s fine in casual conversation, but in your narrative, you should stick to the rules. You know the grammar police stay on duty (I’m the captain tee hee).

Every week, I create little editing tidbits that I post on Google+ and my Pinterest board that I think writers would find useful.

I’ll share a few here periodically because I’m learning along the way too. Enjoy your weekend. We’re expecting a heatwave with temps in the 50’s. WOOT! Melt that snow! I’m ready to run outdoors again!


2 thoughts on “Off The Grid… Well Sorta

  1. Much love to you Patrice! You are on it girl and you don’t play when it comes to editing! I’ve got short story coming your way very soon! Much love and praise for your skills girl! I wish I could place a meme in this box… Lol

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