Book Recommendation: Pieces Of Me by Kirby Elaine

Book Rec

If you’re snowbound, or just a hopeless romantic like me, then I’ve got a book for you to check out! Real talk, I was sold at the cover lol! This dude is hot, titanium leg and all! That beard, that man bun, them tats…yass lawd!


WTF DID I JUST READ?!!! HOLY PLOT TWISTS BATMAN! Your mind will be blown when you finish cause…I just wasn’t expecting that?!

This story was sweet, heartwarming, and heartbreaking all in one. It’s rare to read a romance featuring a hero with a physical disability. That’s what initially attracted me to the story (Well, the cover did, not gonna lie…) Jason is an Iraqi war veteran who lost his leg and is attempting to adjust to civilian life. Like so many of our vets, disabled or not, he is also suffering from PTSD, and has night terrors, shame about his disability, and feeling a little less than worthy, until he meets Kylie.

Kylie is a BAP (Black American Princess). She left her privileged life in Atlanta, GA to make a new life, her own life, in Baltimore, MD, much to her bougie parents’ dismay. Her parents had her life planned for her, and when she rebelled, she was the disappointment of their three daughters. Her dreams of becoming a writer and musician just aren’t befitting her parents who want her to pursue a career that “makes money” and to also marry well, but more importantly, to marry well to a black man.

While some may perceive the conflict of Kylie’s parents’ dislike of Jason as a merely a matter of race, which undoubtedly was a factor, there was also the issue of classicism. Yes, Kylie’s parents wanted her to marry a well-to-do black man, and had no problems letting Jason know this in no uncertain terms. I’ve witnessed firsthand how elitist the black bourgeoisie can be. It wouldn’t have matter what color Jason was; he simply would’ve never been good enough. Kylie, like so many other women, was put into a position of choosing: your parents or your man.

This story isn’t without a few non-distracting flaws (cause I’m petty), but overall, it was a sweet, feel-good story of true love prevailing. Click it up! And as for how the story ends:

Utter Surprise