Release Blitz: One Hour Girl by LeTeisha Newton




Title: One Hour Girl

Series: Lost Souls #1

Author: LeTeisha Newton

Genre: Contemporary Romance

 Release Date: February 29, 2016



He thinks I’m his forever girl, I saw it in his eyes. I wished I could have slapped the look off his face and hit him with the same jarring finality I’d learned I didn’t mean shit.


I’m not a forever sort of girl.


I’m not even his for the night.


He’ll be lucky if I’m his for the next hour if he doesn’t pay me for it.


And then Royce Mattherson stormed my defenses. Took all the poison inside of me and pushed it out through my pores. He tasted the taint on my skin and still decided to love me.


He terrifies me. Exhilarates me. Frustrates me.


And he always gets what he wants.





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“You are my date for the night.” He said date like a curse and I arched my brow at him, irritated that I noticed his good looks when he seemed to be disgusted by the very thing I represented. This man probably never had to pay for sex in his life.

Well I wasn’t some newbie who’d let his actions hurt me. I wouldn’t.

“That’s what you paid for.” I shifted my chest so my breasts swayed a bit. His eyes left my face and his gaze followed the sway of my breasts for a moment before he looked back at me. So, not completely adverse to my charms.

“Your job is to stay silent, entice, and smile pretty. These men here are donating money toward my organization based on ‘paying for one of you for the night’” he said, fingers curling in quotation marks.

“I understand,” I said. This was business, and that I could do. Men with money did a lot of odd things with their money. I had more powerful men and women in my client list than I would have ever believed when I first started. This was no different, and the premise of the evening didn’t bother me.

It was the fact that the organizer seemed discomforted by his event. And his discomfort was extended to me.

And why it bothered me, I didn’t know. But it shouldn’t have. I shook my head, clearing my thoughts, and stood taller. I let my arms fall to my sides before I stepped up to his side. He stiffened a moment before relaxing as I grasped his arm in my hands. The cool material of his suit rubbed against my nipple and I sucked in a breath, and took in his scent with it. I could taste it on the back of my throat.

He smelled of sandalwood and Jasmine, but in a light, lingering signature that I recognized. I’ve smelled Clive Christian on a lot of men, but I hadn’t smelled it like this. Ever. I leaned in, inhaling more of his scent. My date shifted against me, and molded his body to my front. I let go of his arm with one hand and gripped his lapel. He held his body, hard and hot, against me. My breasts tingled, crushed to his chest, and I couldn’t stop myself from taking another whiff. My nose touched his neck before I realized it. I caught his swift intake of breath, the bite of his finger in my upper arms as he gripped me, and pulled me a little closer.

“You do your job well,” he whispered in my ear. His voice was low, seductive, and authoritative.

“But I don’t pay for kicks.” I stopped breathing.

He couldn’t have done a better job if he’d tossed cold water over my head and laughed in my face. I plastered a smile on my face, feeling the burn of embarrassment on my cheeks. I leaned back from him and looked directly in his eyes. He wasn’t going to scare me. He wasn’t going to hurt me like so many others had.

“Sugar, you spend over two thousand dollars on cologne made to attract women, and then buy escorts to earn money for your organization. You pay for tricks already, you just would have been much happier had you paid for mine. Shall we?” I gestured toward the open door, and the party he’d paid me for. He hid his momentary surprise well, the expression melting into a cool mask so fast I would have missed it had I not been looking at him.

Take that. I may be a lot of things, but your object of ridicule I am not. He didn’t acknowledge my statement, but he turned towards the door and walked with me out of it. I kept my grip on his arm, holding my head high.

“Royce Mattherson,” he said then, and I frowned over at him. “My name,” he added. A smile played on his lips, the left side a bit higher than the right. That smile, that show of imperfection made my heart skip a beat. I forced myself to ignore it as I thought of my reply.

“Nice to meet you, Royce Mattherson. I’m your one hour girl.” I bowed my head to read the watch on his wrist. “Of which, you have forty-five minutes left.”

He chuckled, a soft rumbling sound that had my toes curling. “I hurt your feelings, I see. Grow up, little girl. This world will crush you if you let it. You won’t make it very far if you don’t understand that.”

“You don’t know anything about me,” I hissed at him through clenched teeth, maintaining my false smile as he walked me up the hallway to the main part of the party in a ballroom.

“You’ve got a chip on your shoulder a mile wide,” he responded.

“Now who has the hurt feelings? I think you’re more bothered than you want to let on that I didn’t offer my services,” I argued.

“You’re here; I’ve already got your services. I just don’t want what’s between your legs,” he added. I felt his eyes on me.

But I knew what he said was a lie. I could read it in him. I’d bothered him. Stepped on his peace offering, but I hadn’t known how to read him. And, yes, I’d been sort of hurt, sort of bothered that he hadn’t reacted to me the way I’d hoped.

And where did that leave me admitting that?

“Yes you do,” I said, stopping.

He stopped with me. I turned towards him and ran my hand down over his groin area. His cock jumped under my hand. The desire was there, despite his words.

“I know this better than anything, and you do want me.” I trailed my fingertips over his shape. The cloth separated us, but his heat pushed through the cloth as I measured his girth. My pulse quickened. Yes, this is what I knew, what I understood. He gripped my wrist and pulled my hand away.

“You speak your mind, and I can respect that. But let me be perfectly clear, I have never, and will never pay for sex.”

“Is that your problem? And if we’d met in a bar? In a club late at night with the music thumping around us?” I asked.

“Then I’d have fucked you against the nearest surface until you couldn’t stand. And then I’d have walked away,” he answered. He stepped back from me and straightened his clothing before looking over at me with a question in his eyes.

I had no return for that. My body was hot with the idea, and the anonymity of the encounter would have been just what I liked, but something in me hesitated. Would I have liked to be a passerby in this man’s world? I didn’t know, and the lack of answer irritated me. I needed to get away from him, and the questions he brought, fast.

“I’m sure it would have been a fun time,” I answered, no longer interested in the banter. I gripped his arm once more and he walked into the party, his small crooked smile on his face again.

I hated that smile. It meant he won. That he’d bested me. I didn’t want him to win. I didn’t want to fall behind. And it irritated me that I care so much. And yet, as I listened to him talk about his organization, helping with domestic violence and using rescue dogs to help rebuild trust in those who’d learned only pain from their loved ones, there was no doubt he was an intelligent man. He was composed. He was a man that I could have liked. A man that I could have respected if my other side, the pristine side, the perfect side had met him first. Would she have sat and smiled, talked to him? Would she have blushed prettily at his compliments and challenged him with thought provoking conversation? Would he have liked her?

Because right now I was playing the whore, and, for the first time, I felt dirty and wished Ms. Perfect was in attendance.

I hated Royce Mattherson.



Author Bio

Writing professionally since 2008, LeTeisha has spanned from Fantasy to Interracial Romance on her road to getting the jumping characters out of her head. Most days she’s pretty color blind, unless it’s a great shade of red (then she can’t ignore it). Other times she’s plotting her next twenty books and then remembering that the computer can’t read her thoughts and doesn’t type at lightning speed. Either way, she just can’t seem to get enough of quill to paper…or eh…keyboard strokes, apparently.


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Editor’s Corner: #teamoxfordcomma

Editor's Corner

I am Team Oxford Comma, and if you ever hire me, you will know this when I make upside down Nike swooshes all over your drafts!

WTF is an Oxford comma anyway? Well by definition, it’s the comma that comes before the “and” at the end of a list. Although the Oxford comma has become an optional punctuation mark in today’s grammar, I am old school. I was RAISED on the Oxford! Still confused? Well, I can show you better than I can tell you. This graphic depiction is everything and puts it all into perspective.


I am still laughing. More like howling…

Exclusive Sneak Peek: S&M IV-Part II by Vera Roberts


The S&M series by Vera Roberts is probably one of my all-time faves. Scott Reed, for me, is a man that I hate to love. But I do. He’s such an asshole, but he luh him some Mariana as much as he be frontin’ about it. Boy bye. You know you want her…

Ms. Roberts was kind enough to give me an exclusive snippet from the last (boo hoo) book in the series. If you have not read it, please get thee to your favorite e-tailer and click it up.


“I’m sensing an issue here,” she tried to read his green eyes. All she saw in return was a blank stare. His poker face was legendary.
“There’s no issue. Your stance is your stance.” He shrugged and casually played with a pen. “There’s nothing else to discuss.”
She walked over to his desk and stood before him with a proverbial question mark splayed across her face. She certainly hoped it was only a question mark as she felt his energy emitting raw sexuality and masculinity. She could smell his cologne. No, it wasn’t just any cologne. It was the one she specifically picked out for him.
He smelled like sex. He was a walking, talking, and breathing fuck stick and they both knew it. He had a subtle smirk on his face. An arrogant ‘you know you want this dick’ smirk on his face. The sad part was he was absolutely right.
She hated him.
No, she didn’t. Normally, she would leave his office and return back to work and the thought briefly crossed her mind. Mariana, however, felt a bigger and silent issue between them. There were many, but there was the elephant in the room, stomping around and destroying everything in sight. Scott made her realize the opposite of love wasn’t hate, but rather apathy. She wished she could say she didn’t care about him or his opinion and that he was irrelevant in her life. Truth was, she loved him even more since they were apart, if that was even possible.
It was also why her current feelings were in conflict with each other. While she could chalk up having sex with him once was a mistake, she couldn’t account for the other numerous times it occurred. It was her invitation to him the other night, not the other way around. Scott may have known his hard limits but it seemed Mariana was still learning hers.
She was a fool in believing Scott Reed would ever be her hard limit. “Why are you giving up so easily?”
“That seems to be a current theme with you.” Scott smiled, as if he were amused by his ex’s stance. “If I don’t chase you or conform to your demands, I must be giving up.”
“I’m not having a temper tantrum,” she was insulted at the thought, “you really act like this isn’t a big deal to you.”
“Because it’s not my issue,” he calmly replied, “I understand with current events, you might feel a little guilty being involved in an interracial relationship. I respect that. But if you want me to do my best Keith Sweat impersonation, the answer is a subtle hell no.” He got up from his chair, walked around to the front of his desk, and leaned against it. His eyes traveled from her pink high heels to her tight black slacks and matching light pink polo shirt before he reached her face. He could never get over how gorgeous his ex was, even with the minimal amount of makeup. The seriousness of the conversation stalled his growing desire. He silently admitted if she’d come in to discuss the Lakers game or any other unimportant topic, they would’ve been fucking already. “Why am I getting the feeling you don’t like the conundrum you’re in?”
The one thing Scott was very good at was challenging people. Whether it was their ideas or views, he always made someone question if they truly believed what was in their head. Mariana would love to call him a manipulator but he never forced her to do something against her will. If anything, he made her more confident.
It was why she was quite annoyed with the direction the conversation was heading in. “What conundrum is that, Mr. Reed?” She challenged.
“Society is telling you if you’re truly pro-black, you would be with a black partner and raise a black family.” He closed the distance between them. “Your heart, however, is telling you race be damned and you can support the black community in other ways.”

Whew chile! That last part was deep and couldn’t be more timely. I can’t wait til this book drops. Be sure to follow Vera Roberts’ blog where she’ll post another exclusive snippet in the next day or two. So ready…

Meet The Author: Vivian Ward

Interview with An Author

This week’s interview features an author who is new to me and maybe a few of you also. I’m always in search of profiling new or undiscovered talent because I believe everyone deserves the spotlight, so without further ado, let’s get to know author Vivian Ward!


Musings of a Romance Junkie: I’m a huge IR romance fan, and one of the first things I always ask IR romance authors is why IR?

Vivian Ward: Several of my family members are in or have been in IR relationships, and it was always such a controversial subject outside of our family. Our family has never batted an eye at it but many people do, and that’s sad. When I look at people, I don’t see skin color because I see a person, and I thank my grandmother for that. My hope is that I can help educate people about IR relationships and portray real struggles that people face on a daily basis.

MRJ: Have you always wanted to be a writer, or did you just “stumble” into it?

VW: Funny that you asked that. I’m very much a social butterfly and love talking to people–I always have. Anyone in my family will tell you that once I start talking, I don’t stop. I actually have a medical background but when I was unable to work due to pregnancy complications, I started ghost-writing video descriptions for a few different companies and I really enjoyed it. After that, I started writing short stories and eventually dove into romance novels.

MR: Describe your writing process? How do you actually decide what to write about?

VW: Honestly, my best story ideas come to me while I’m driving, so sometimes I’ll go driving around until something pops into my head. It works because it’s the only place that I can think where it’s quiet. My husband and I have four wonderful, noisy children and a dog named Shorty. Once I come up with an idea, I’ll usually outline it, write the first five chapters and come up with an even better idea. Then I scrap all my work, grab a notebook, jot down a few sentences and go from there. Sometimes I draw on my own life experiences (pregnancy complications with two out of my four pregnancies) or I write about those who are very close to my heart that has struggled with certain issues whether it be love, money, family or career.

MRJ: One of the things I immediately discovered about your books is you have two major themes: billionaires and/or babies. Are these easy themes for you or have you settled into a comfortable niche that you’re sort of making your own?

VW: As my bio says, I grew up in a low-income area and we struggled a lot. I’ve always had to work and fight for everything I’ve ever had. The billionaire genre is a fantasy escape for many women, including myself. I also love to write about babies for a few reasons: they’re cute, they bring people close together and I love babies. I don’t know if I would say I’ve settled into a comfortable niche, but I still have plenty of those kinds of stories to tell and as long as my readers still want them, I’ll continue to write them.

MRJ: How has social media affected your recognition and growth as an author? Do you feel like it’s a necessary marketing tool or just another place to hang out and waste time (I speak from experience lol).

VW: I don’t feel that it’s absolutely necessary but I do believe that social media has helped me gain recognition in some ways. I’ll also admit that I do waste more time on Facebook than I should. My novel will be calling my name saying, “Vivian, come work on me. Finish up this chapter to tie up those loose strings.”, but my mind says, “Oh, wonder if that was a fan commenting on that last post? I better go check!”. I actually kind of like it when Facebook puts me in jail (yes, that’s a real thing–Facebook jail) so that I’m limited on what I can do. My work miraculously gets finished much faster!

MRJ: How do you come up with the names for your characters? I’ve always wondered that of authors…

VW: Sometimes I use family member’s names, sometimes I’ll use an old classmate’s name (one I disliked for a villain or one that I was good friends with for a favorable character) or sometimes I’ll Google popular names if I’m drawing a blank. When it comes to hospitals, restaurants or other places where my characters might shop, go to school, etc. I’ll use very generic names or make something up that’s completely off-the-wall. And yes, I research to make sure there’s not an ice cream shop called “Super Scoops”, for example, in the city I’m writing about (if it’s an actual city) to ensure I’m not using an actual business name in my works.

MRJ: If you could turn any of your books into a movie, which would it be, and who would you cast?

VW: Wow, these questions are really good. If I could, I would turn “The Baby is Mine” into a movie. I would love to have Rihanna play the lead female role for Tasha and Ryan Gossling for the lead male character, Blake. Rihanna is so pretty, and he is SUPER cute.

MRJ: Who are some of your favorite authors and how have they influenced you as a writer?

VW: You asked so you can’t judge. lol These are in no particular order: Stephen King, Nicholas Sparks, Gillian Flynn and autobiographies about people who have escaped cults, strange religions or have escaped a horrible ordeal (like kidnappings, false imprisonment, etc). The types of books, movies and shows I like to read or watch have helped me come up with very creative and unique situations to put my characters in.

MRJ: Do you self publish or are you affiliated with an agency?

VW: At this time I only self publish, though I think working with an agency may have some advantages.

MRJ: What more can we expect from Vivian Ward this year?

VW: I think my fans can continue to expect billionaire fantasies, baby stories and very steamy romance books.

Thank you, Vivian for your time! I love profiling authors who write across themes and genres, and billionaires and babies are certainly a popular theme. Get to know Vivian Ward by connecting with her on Facebook, and follow her Amazon author page for updates!

Monday Musings Will Return In March



Sorry y’all…I am swamped with work, and it’s thrown my blogging schedule completely off. I take pride in my musings posts, and I’m just not going to post some shit for the sake of posting lol.

I’ll be back on March 7th with a new musings, and hopefully, more rested and raring to go. Other postings will continue cause I have some great author interviews and spotlights to share! Thank you as always for reading and following my blog ❤

Cover Reveal: Sugar Love by Victoria H. Smith




RELEASE DATE: April 2016

some kind of name, isn’t it?
wasn’t any type of name I’d heard of, but across the world, it seemed I was the
only one.
see, he’s an international superstar, talented, sexy, and one day, he comes
walking into my record store. He tells me he wants to buy some music, and later
on, wants to get to know me a little better.
had no idea he was here for his American debut, nor that he was one of the most
successful rappers South Korean music had ever seen. If I had, I might not have
been so frazzled when I found out and accidentally kidnapped him.
then again…
Maybe that wouldn’t have mattered anyway. 
AMAZON Pre-Order Link
H. Smith has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. She puts it to good use
writing romance all day. She resides in the Midwest with her Macbook on her lap
and a cornfield to her right. She often draws inspiration for her stories from
her own life experiences, and the characters she writes give her an earful
about it.
In her free time, she enjoys extreme couponing, reading, watching Scandal, and
general geekery in the form of Sherlock and DC Comics. She’s a bestselling
author and the 2014 Swirl Award winner for Best New Adult Romance, as well as
the recipient of the 2015 AMB Ovation Award for her new adult romance FOUND BY
YOU. She writes both new adult and adult fiction in many genres, but mainly
focuses in contemporary interracial and multicultural romances.


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REPOST: Response to Rape Disguised as Romance

Around The Blogosphere

I follow Black Girl Nerds on Twitter, and they posted an article that created a FIRESTORM on social media, an the subject was about romance vs rape and how the fine the line is in some book. Below is actually one author’s response to that article and the original is also linked. Check it out!

A little over a week ago, almost 30 African-American romance authors attended a weekend retreat so we could focus on improving our craft and work together to bring our readers more of the swoons and stories they deserve. I was still flying high on all the feel good feels from that experience until […]

Source: Response to Rape Disguised as Romance

Monday Musings: Do Unto Others by Author LaQuette

Happy Monday, y’all! I rarely equate happy and Monday unless it’s a holiday, lol, and as such, I have a guest blogger today. Not only is she an accomplished author, but I also consider her a friend. There was a little author/reader exchange a couple of weeks ago in regards to authors who write across genres and whether or not they should disclose to their core readership that their newest release goes “against the grain” so to speak. All I can say is it got pretty ugly at times. As an author, LaQuette felt very strongly about this and asked if she could speak on it, and you know me-I don’t shy away from controversy in the least. I embrace it because sometimes, we need to talk about the uncomfortable shit just as much as we do about the  feelgood shit too. So without further ado, I present, LaQuette and Do Unto Others
My name is LaQuette and I’m a romance author.  First things first, let me thank the
ever-gracious Patrice for allowing me to hang out in her space today.  Blogs like this are so important to authors
of color, and authors who write about people of color. I’m one of those authors;
I fall in both categories, so I’m doubly grateful for the opportunity.  Hopefully some of you are familiar with my
work.  I’m most notably known for my Interracial Erotic Romance series: The Queens of Kings.  If you’re not familiar with me, you can find me on Amazon.  Now that the
not-so-shameless plug is over (if I don’t pimp my work, who will), let’s get
down to my reason for stopping by today.
Over the last few weeks I’ve seen many posts popping
up regarding what authors should and should not write, what tropes they should
and should not explore, and even what kinds of characters should and should not
appear, or star in their books.  I’m fully aware that people are entitled to their own opinions.  I in no way seek to silence anyone or sway
anyone from one side of the argument to the next.  My intention is simply to state my
perspective.  Some will agree, some will
disagree, and many will attempt to come for me depending on which side of the
issue they stand.  I’m really not here to
instigate hate speech of any kind.
That being said, as an author, as someone who has studied
writing for many years (because yes, you do need to study to do this, to be
qualified to do anything you need to learn as much about the craft, the art,
the technique as you can, continue to study no matter how prolifically you’ve
published), I’m here to tell you that writing is a very personal and individual
thing.  It’s something we writers share
with readers, but our stories come from us, and are unique to our imaginings.  Although we share our work with readers, and
hope against hope they will embrace and enjoy our work, please understand that
the work, the story, the characters, the imaginings are still ours.
As a reader, if you’re enjoying an author’s style, an author’s
work, please understand that’s because that author is providing you with their
unique abilities.  If that author were to
take every suggestion made about what should or shouldn’t be written, it would
effectively kill their creativity.  When
writers create, we are thinking, “This is a story I want to tell, in this way.”  At that stage, the reader reaction doesn’t
enter into the process.  It can’t be
considered at that point because the author has to be true to his or her
creative process and muse.  Where authors
consider their readership is in the technical aspects of the story, revisions,
editing, cover art, because when it’s all said and done, we want to provide you
with a quality product that’s worth your time and money.
Again, writing is very personal, it’s a business, but it’s
also extremely personal.  In my opinion,
a writer has every right to engage in whichever tropes, characters, and
story lines he or she decides.  Just as
the reader has every right to abstain from that story, trope, genre, if they
feel it doesn’t meet their reading tastes at that time.  Attempting to vilify an author for writing
something that’s different, or different from what the reader expects as the
norm, is inappropriate, and quite frankly, insulting.
Think of it this way.  If you had a child, and you selected a name
that was meaningful to you for whatever your reasons were at the time, and
someone insults your decision, tells you it’s silly to name your baby that name
you’ve treasured since you first thought about having a child of your own, how
would you feel?  Would you be hurt, would
you feel angry, would you feel insulted?Understand, I am in no way saying readers are not important.  Readers are crucial to authors.  I have nothing but respect for readers.  I’m delighted when a reader’s insight provides constructive criticism about my work.  However, voicing your opinion on how an author’s published work could be improved is not the same as dictating what that author is allowed to imagine, create, and ultimately write about.
I wholeheartedly believe that if we all took a little more
time to place ourselves in someone else’s shoes, we wouldn’t be so quick to
judge and make biting comments.
Constructive criticism is always welcome, but insulting or attacking
an author simply because you don’t want to read about those
characters or that story line is just plain mean and constrictive.  In order for authors to grow they have to
test themselves with new techniques, new genres, and new perspectives.  Just because an author writes BWWM IR today,
doesn’t mean he or she shouldn’t one day try another combination of interracial
coupling.  Just because an author writes
a male/female pairing today, doesn’t mean he or she shouldn’t decide to write a
male/male pairing tomorrow.  Just because
he or she has consistently written about heroines of color doesn’t mean he or
she shouldn’t attempt to write a white heroine at some point.  Trust me, white authors are writing about
people of color and benefiting from it.
Shouldn’t authors of color benefit from the reverse?
My tagline is: Embracing My Crazy…One Character at a
time.  That is literally my motto in
life.  I have to make decisions on all
aspects of my life—including my writing—on what is best for me at that
moment.  Attempting to please others will
only lead to destroying everything that is unique and beautiful about an
individual.  With respect to writing, it
will kill your creativity, and ultimately prevent you from growing as an
The last point I want to address is this notion that authors
should never step out of the boundaries others have laid out for them in order
to become more mainstream and marketable.
Please explain to me why authors shouldn’t seek to cross barriers.  Knocking those barriers down, showing people
that our (people of color) love is just as beautiful, necessary, and relatable
as their love is the only way IR and AA romance authors will ever become as prolifically
published, well-paid, and respected in this field.  Love is supposed to cross those barriers, not
erect them.  I don’t know about you, but
I expect to be paid for work I’ve rendered.
I want to be held in the same esteem as mainstream authors because I put
in the same work, effort, and quality as they do.  Why shouldn’t I seek to earn what I’m worth?
They certainly do.
The take away I hope you have after reading this is
simple.  If you wouldn’t want someone
telling you how to do your job, please don’t presume to tell others how to do
theirs.  If you can’t get behind a particular project an author has produced, that’s more than fine.  You are more than well within your rights as a reader to say, “This isn’t my cup of tea, I have no interest in this book.”  However, attacking an author, besmirching their name simply because you don’t like a book, a character, or an idea isn’t fair.  If you’re a writer and feel that
qualifies you to do the same, the answer—in my opinion—is nope, you don’t get
to do it either.  Do you and let others
do them.  If we all practiced that simple
golden rule, we’d all be a great deal happier, and much more productive.



 Author Bio:
2015 Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award Finalist in Erotic Romance, 2015 Swirl Awards Finalist in Romantic Suspense, bestselling erotic romance author, LaQuette, is a native of Brooklyn, New York. She spends her time catering to her three distinct personalities: Wife, Mother, and Educator.
Writing–her escape from everyday madness–has always been a friend and comforter. She loves writing and devouring romance novels. Although she possesses a graduate degree in English Lit, she’d forego Shakespeare any day to read something hot, lusty, and romantic.
She loves hearing from readers and discussing the crazy characters that are running around in her head causing so much trouble. Contact her on Facebook, Twitter, , her website, Amazon, her Facebook group, LaQuette’s Lounge, and via email at


The Queens of Kings Series 
Available exclusively on Amazon


Whew! Thank you LaQuette! I welcome your thoughts and comments cause missy said said some thangs!

Coming Soon: The Art Of Forgiveness by Tamara Philip


The Art of Forgiveness is the story of one woman’s journey to find out the truth surrounding her adoption decades earlier. Amidst the tragedy of the past, she finds connections to her complicated history and a gentle reminder about the transcendent power of forgiveness and time.

ipadPart of the  Mother’s Day Magic Box set available for pre-order now and releasing on March 1st-just in time for Women’s History Month!


Connect with author Tamara Philip