Exclusive Sneak Peek: S&M IV-Part II by Vera Roberts


The S&M series by Vera Roberts is probably one of my all-time faves. Scott Reed, for me, is a man that I hate to love. But I do. He’s such an asshole, but he luh him some Mariana as much as he be frontin’ about it. Boy bye. You know you want her…

Ms. Roberts was kind enough to give me an exclusive snippet from the last (boo hoo) book in the series. If you have not read it, please get thee to your favorite e-tailer and click it up.


“I’m sensing an issue here,” she tried to read his green eyes. All she saw in return was a blank stare. His poker face was legendary.
“There’s no issue. Your stance is your stance.” He shrugged and casually played with a pen. “There’s nothing else to discuss.”
She walked over to his desk and stood before him with a proverbial question mark splayed across her face. She certainly hoped it was only a question mark as she felt his energy emitting raw sexuality and masculinity. She could smell his cologne. No, it wasn’t just any cologne. It was the one she specifically picked out for him.
He smelled like sex. He was a walking, talking, and breathing fuck stick and they both knew it. He had a subtle smirk on his face. An arrogant ‘you know you want this dick’ smirk on his face. The sad part was he was absolutely right.
She hated him.
No, she didn’t. Normally, she would leave his office and return back to work and the thought briefly crossed her mind. Mariana, however, felt a bigger and silent issue between them. There were many, but there was the elephant in the room, stomping around and destroying everything in sight. Scott made her realize the opposite of love wasn’t hate, but rather apathy. She wished she could say she didn’t care about him or his opinion and that he was irrelevant in her life. Truth was, she loved him even more since they were apart, if that was even possible.
It was also why her current feelings were in conflict with each other. While she could chalk up having sex with him once was a mistake, she couldn’t account for the other numerous times it occurred. It was her invitation to him the other night, not the other way around. Scott may have known his hard limits but it seemed Mariana was still learning hers.
She was a fool in believing Scott Reed would ever be her hard limit. “Why are you giving up so easily?”
“That seems to be a current theme with you.” Scott smiled, as if he were amused by his ex’s stance. “If I don’t chase you or conform to your demands, I must be giving up.”
“I’m not having a temper tantrum,” she was insulted at the thought, “you really act like this isn’t a big deal to you.”
“Because it’s not my issue,” he calmly replied, “I understand with current events, you might feel a little guilty being involved in an interracial relationship. I respect that. But if you want me to do my best Keith Sweat impersonation, the answer is a subtle hell no.” He got up from his chair, walked around to the front of his desk, and leaned against it. His eyes traveled from her pink high heels to her tight black slacks and matching light pink polo shirt before he reached her face. He could never get over how gorgeous his ex was, even with the minimal amount of makeup. The seriousness of the conversation stalled his growing desire. He silently admitted if she’d come in to discuss the Lakers game or any other unimportant topic, they would’ve been fucking already. “Why am I getting the feeling you don’t like the conundrum you’re in?”
The one thing Scott was very good at was challenging people. Whether it was their ideas or views, he always made someone question if they truly believed what was in their head. Mariana would love to call him a manipulator but he never forced her to do something against her will. If anything, he made her more confident.
It was why she was quite annoyed with the direction the conversation was heading in. “What conundrum is that, Mr. Reed?” She challenged.
“Society is telling you if you’re truly pro-black, you would be with a black partner and raise a black family.” He closed the distance between them. “Your heart, however, is telling you race be damned and you can support the black community in other ways.”

Whew chile! That last part was deep and couldn’t be more timely. I can’t wait til this book drops. Be sure to follow Vera Roberts’ blog where she’ll post another exclusive snippet in the next day or two. So ready…

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