Editor’s Corner: #teamoxfordcomma

Editor's Corner

I am Team Oxford Comma, and if you ever hire me, you will know this when I make upside down Nike swooshes all over your drafts!

WTF is an Oxford comma anyway? Well by definition, it’s the comma that comes before the “and” at the end of a list. Although the Oxford comma has become an optional punctuation mark in today’s grammar, I am old school. I was RAISED on the Oxford! Still confused? Well, I can show you better than I can tell you. This graphic depiction is everything and puts it all into perspective.


I am still laughing. More like howling…


7 thoughts on “Editor’s Corner: #teamoxfordcomma

      1. Folks have wanted to argue and fight over that comma, so me being ME, I just distract, upset, and confuse them with…elipses! LMAO!

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