New Releases by Some Old Faves


New Releases

I’m slackin’ y’all, I know…I’m so busy with my 9-5 all day and editing at night, that I’ve lost my blogging mojo. There are some new releases, though, worth checking out by some of my faves. A few I’ve already read (I won’t say which cause I feel guilty enough already), but you can’t go wrong with these authors. Check ’em out and add to your TBR today!


She Was Born With A Veil: Some old-school, black folk mysticism. I’m intrigued….


By Chance, No Choice: The city slicker meets the country bumpkin. Cue Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attracts.


The Right Side Of The Pillow: I love when the title of the book is mentioned in the book. Major a-ha moment for me. Sweet romance that proves that it ain’t where you from but where you at.


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