Monday Musings: Cases of the ‘Oh-Hell-Nah’s’

Monday Musings II

First of all, Happy Monday!

I consider myself a pretty (figuratively and literally, tee hee) open-minded person, but there are just some things that just get a resounding, OH HELL NAH!  Where am I going with this?

CASE #1: I was reading an interracial romance sometime ago where the story was okay for the most part until the couple, a black woman and a white man, got into a heated exchange about something; and in the heat of the argument, the white man used the N-word. It wasn’t directed at the woman, but at the black man the woman was seeing or used to see. I wouldn’t have had such an issue with it (not that that excuses it, but when put into proper context, some things you just come to expect) if the black woman checked him. But she didn’t. And I was turned off and couldn’t finish the story. And I put that author on my permanent DNFW list. And she wasn’t the only author that has written stories like this.

Hell No!

CASE #2: A well-known author in the IR genre disclosed not too long ago that she was writing one of those “monster romances” (under another pen name). You know, one of those dinomonster mates with human woman romances. Animals/Inhuman creatures having sex with women? I’m not talking about those shifter romances because the shifter is in human form during the love scenes. But if they ain’t:


CASE #3: Any story featuring gratuitous sex scenes. You know, those stories where they just hump like rabbits, and there’s no credible or actual plot. Just a lot of fucking, ’cause it sure ain’t lovemaking. I wouldn’t even call it erotica. It’s Pornhub for when your internet goes down…Some of y’all may like that, and I ain’t judging. But, for me:

hell to the naw

So, what’s your oh hell nah moment?



18 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Cases of the ‘Oh-Hell-Nah’s’

  1. lol i love your gifs!

    Welcome back! my hell nah moments happen when technical terms and flowery language pop up during sex scenes. i recently ready an IR romance where the guy stuck his penis in between the petals of the heroine’s vagina or some shit like that. I was totally grooving with the story until I got to that part. :-/

  2. LOL! Girl!!! Since you asked….

    Page 1 she’s a never been kissed virgin, but by 17, she’s a BDSM queen; (Whyyyyy?)

    Page 9 she’s Miss I Don’t Need A Man to Take Care of Me, but by page 21, she’s crying in a closet and ONLY he can save her; *Facepalm*

    She’s 19 – he’s 42. Meh.

    Step. Brother. *Yawns*

    LOL! Have a good Monday!

      1. Im with Felicia, I cant with these virgins turned porn stars…just staph it already.

        Also, why she damn near 40 and dont know nuthing…about men, about sex, abou life. Why Sway? Lols.

  3. Lmao… you hit the nail on the head with this list. I think I read that same book with the N word or one like it and I was just NOPE, I’m DONE.

  4. Any GFY (gay for you) book. The two people in question were hetero all the their lives, and according to their backstory they NEVER contemplated any same sex involvement, or fantasized about the same sex but…BOOM. They meet and are down for everything right off the bat. No hesitation. No questions. Just “I never found a man hot but you are hot. I want you.” And they are an instant item. Nope.

    1. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!!! That one there, tho! What is the deal? Nothing about suppressing urges or lying to themselves…just bang! “No more females for me! I have to have this man, and we will be together forever!” *Queue the sunshine and rainbows* LMAO!

      1. Popular trope in M/M romance. Lol i can offer recs and toss a few loans your way. 😉

      2. I’m so blown lmao. I shouldn’t be tho cause I’ve heard of gay for pay in the port industry but I can be a lil slow sometimes.

  5. My hell nah moment is plagiarism, two authors that I read so far would chance the characters names, but it’s the same story. To my dismay one of these authors have a huge following on Amazon. These same mini minions will come after you if leave a one star review.

  6. Reading a series last week and did not finish book 2. Do friends really need to know that much about your sex life? And really why do Moms need to know? Usually found in romantic comedy but there is such a thing as BEING too nosy.

    Reading Book #2 by this author. I did not enjoy #1 but I wanted to give her another try. A
    Heroine was a candidate for Bridezilla with first engagement. Apparently this was ex fiance’s excuse
    so he develops a relationship with the heroine’s sister. Fast forward , the ex and the sister marry.The ex decides that he and the heroine need to have a conversation. Basically the ex accuses the heroine of being selfish. NO RESPONSE!!!!NO RESPONSE!!!. The heroine allowed him to just read her the riot act and she took it. I closed the book. No matter how wrong you might be you always give as good as you get.

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