Off The Grid: Yeah, I’m Gonna Read These Books


When the hell do I have time to read??? I don’t. I’m sneaking in a chapter here and there when I take self-imposed breaks at work or when I need to just step away from a story that I’m editing. Anyway, enough biyotching. Here are a few books that have come my way that  I really do want to read. They’re books that I normally wouldn’t consider (and I’m not taking shots at the author) because of the subject matter or genre.

I’m opening my mind to new experiences, and I’m so proud of myself! Now on to the picks!


Running In the Dark by Inger Iversen

Anyone who knows me well knows I don’t really mess with paranormal nothing, but I like the author, and I love new adult romances. The pros outweigh the cons, and the cover alone is gorgeous. Even more intriguing: The dude is a Russian slayer, and the heroine is a college dropout named Bessina. Okay!


Moan by Kenya Wright

If you’ve read anything by Kenya Wright, then you know there is bound to be one or more WTF moments, lol. And that is a compliment cause I’ve never encountered a more “off the grid” author than Kenya. This book is full of mystery with some added devilment, and I only concluded this from the synopsis and snippet posted on Amazon. I look forward to seeing what it’s all about.


Love Unaccounted Series by Love Belvin

Love Belvin is a wildly popular and highly respected author in the AA romance genre, and I have never read a single thing by her before. She had a sweet-ass sale last month where a bunch of her books were on sale for just $.99 (regularly $4.99, SCORE!!!). You know I scooped them shits up like kitty litter! I can’t wait to read this series. Now, if I can just make the time to get through book one…

So, there you have it: Paranormal, dark (ish), and new. Look for my reviews soon..


5 thoughts on “Off The Grid: Yeah, I’m Gonna Read These Books

  1. Ugh! I left a comment, but I guess it didn’t take! I loved Running in The Dark. More realistic than other vampire books, I mean…as realistic as vampire books go XD

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