Book Recommendation: Total Distraction (Series) by Britni Danielle


Britni Danielle is a journalist who I like to say “moonlights” as a romance writer (She’ll probably disagree though). I’ve followed her work (Essence, Clutch Mag, Vibe…) for years, and imagine my surprise when I discovered that she was the same Britni Danielle who wrote the Distraction series.

Lucky for you, it’s now available in one volume ’cause my ass had to read and wait in between books (snort). For those new to this series, please click it up! This story is a fresh approach in new adult romance. Tish is one of the most relatable heroines, regardless of ethnic background or culture, because her life and situations are so real. She’s a young, upwardly mobile woman doing her own thing in spite of the vehement and constant disapproval of her parents. Tish also has a drinking problem that’s caused her to re-evaluate her entire life. Enter Stefan. Tall, blonde, and handsome. They meet in AA and hit it off instantly. Things progress quickly only to take a downward spiral when somebody isn’t forthcoming about their true feelings.

Tish is not only juggling her sobriety, but her budding relationship with Stefan, all while trying to keep her struggles a secret from her friends, not to mention maintaining the favor of her parents who just hold their daughter in the deepest disregard. It all becomes too much and Tish suffers a setback, but as she gets right back up, along comes Ethan! E-T-H-A-N! E-T-H-A-N! Ethan Lewis is the gray-eyed, beautiful monster who broke Tish’s heart and contributed to many of her wild nights. Ethan knows he effed up, but he’s on a mission to not only win back her heart, but her trust. But…she hasn’t settled things with Stefan yet. Whom will she choose? Will Tish ever gain her parents’ favor? Will she maintain her sobriety? Click it up to find out!


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