Monday Musings: Thoughts Of A Blogger

Monday Musings II

This post has been brewin’ in my head for a minute, and I wasn’t sure, still not sure, how to approach it. But eff it…when have I shied away from speaking my mind lolol.

When I started this blog, it was only intended to post about book releases and do the occasional review. I never expected to befriend these writers. I don’t mean just accept or send a friend request on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. I mean, I did not expect to become friends with many of these authors. I’ve never really had friends in the traditional sense where you connect with a person and you share your innermost thoughts and feelings and shit.

My relationship with a lot of these authors has transformed from author/blogger or author/reader to girlfriends. And I love that! But it’s also skewered my ability to remain impartial and neutral when it comes to running this blog and other social media outlets.

A period of reflection or thought

I could literally blog and tweet and post about my faves all day every day, and the temptation is truly hard to resist because I want everyone to know how wonderful these people are. But I can’t! Well, I could, but that’s not fair because I consider myself to be romance press (snort), and while I aim to be neutral, I also truly believe that (almost) everyone deserves an equal and fair shot. I wonder sometimes if my author friends think I don’t blog or post about them enough. I’ll share a new release or a snippet or a teaser, but I don’t wanna go overboard and be obvious. ‘Cause believe me, every time I see them post on their Facebook walls or their Twitter feeds, I want to share and retweet, even if I’ve already done it.

So I guess this is an open letter to my friends-who happen to be authors. I value our friendship far more than our “working relationship”. I much rather have those private convos than advertising our relationship for everyone else to pick apart and scrutinize. But you now I got you! All you have to do is call on me…I gotchu.








8 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Thoughts Of A Blogger

  1. I think we all appreciate the support and have enough sense to welcome any support we receive regardless of how much or how little. None of us are entitled to your time or your effort, so anything you do in that regard is more than we had. Again, thanks much.

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