Women’s History Month: Do You Know Octavia Butler?


octavia-butler_612x380.jpgI call her the Queen of Afrofuturism. Octavia Butler was a pioneer in the science fiction genre, becoming one of the first black authors and first female science fiction writers to bring science fiction, or as we call it in the romance genre, paranormal, to the forefront.

Octavia Butler won numerous literary awards for her writing, including the MacArthur Fellowship, aka The Genius Grant”.  She was the first science fiction writer to receive that honor-and that was just in 1995! Her most popular works include Kindred, the story of a black woman from 1976 who was transported back to 1800’s Maryland, where she meets her ancestors, a slaveholder named Rufus, and Alice, a freeperson forced back into slavery.



Her last work (which has been in my TBR forever) is Fledgling, which tells the story of a young, female, hybrid vampire who must navigate through life with the humans.


I encourage you all to read at least one story by this fantastic author and discover the legend known as Octavia Butler.


11 thoughts on “Women’s History Month: Do You Know Octavia Butler?

  1. She passed unrecognizied by the larger community. Factoid: Then just like today, her COVERS were whitewashed or worse had the ever-lovin’ abstract art BS on them to fool CERTAIN readers of Scifi who would have had sh&t-fits if “their” books had had a non-White heroine on the front. Wonder what the dah-lings did when they read the book and found out the heroine was Black? To be so insecure. Sad.

    1. Ahhhh… I didn’t know that! I love these updated ones tho. I’m sure she endured tons of racism and misogyny in her early days just to get her work published let alone read.

  2. She’s hands down one of my favorite authors. I was sad that Fledgling ended up being her last work, it was mediocre in my opinion. In no way shape or form as powerful as her previous stories. Kindred is my favorite book ever! Wild Seed is some badassness. My intention is to read The Xenogenesis Trilogy sometime this year. I’ve had it for ages and haven’t cracked em yet. SUCH A GOOD POST!!!!! ALL OF MY FEELS HAVE BEEN ACTIVATED!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I couldn’t get into Kindred when i first attempted to read it (my brain wasn’t spongey enough, lols) but it’s on my tbr list again and I would like to try Fledgling. Mayhaps I will pick it up too.

  4. Octavia Butler was head of her time. I was able to meet her twice before her death. Very powerful, quiet, and lovely person. Started reading her novel when I was ten year of age. Have all of her first edition hardback sign, and some paperback. Kindred is my favorite, but Parable of Sower take my breath of away. To be frank I truly love all of her books

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