Conversation With Author Danyell A. Wallace


I love to discover hidden gems, diamonds in the rough…new authors. I think I’ve struck oil y’all. I’d like to introduce you to new author on the scene, Danyell A. Wallace. With only two books under her belt, she’s already struck a chord with me. Danyell is a new adult author, and I love new adult romance. I often live vicariously through these characters because more often than not, I’m going “Where they do that at?!” Danyell offers fun, lighthearted reads with a dose of realism and sweet, swoon-y romance. So without further ado, meet Danyell A. Wallace!


Musings Of A Romance Junkie: So, Danyell, How did you catch the writing bug?
Danyell A. Wallace: When I was in my early twenties I wrote a children’s picture book called Picture Day, that I never got published! After I researched the process of submitting a manuscript to publishing companies, I became frustrated and put my work aside. I’ve always had a passion for writing, but I never really pursued it until now, and for a totally different audience.

MRJ: Is New Adult Romance your niche or do you plan to write in other genres in the future?
DAW: Right now I’m really enjoying the New Adult genre. It all depends on what story ideas I have going on in my head. I guess you’ll have to wait and find out what I’ll write about next.

MRJ: How do you come up with story ideas?
DAW: “If there is a book you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”-Toni Morrison. This quote sums it up for me. Sometimes my ideas are random, and other times I think about what I would love to see in a book and I go for it.

MRJ: Do you write full-time?
DAW: I would love to travel the world and have book signings, meet readers who enjoy my books, and wake up every morning and walk into my home office and just write! But no I don’t write full time 😦

MRJ: Which do you find more challenging: the actual writing or the advertising and marketing the finished product?
DAW: Both. Coming up with a storyline, characters, plot, twists, cover ideas, and battling writer’s block. It’s a process! After my book is completed I format it for both paperback and ebook version… This can be quite frustrating. Then you have marketing and advertising. As an indie author this can be tough especially when you’re a newbie and readers really don’t know who you are. You have to figure out what categories to put your books in and hope it gets noticed, and just maybe word of mouth and social media will get you exposure.

MRJ: How has the audience reception been towards your books, considering you’re a relatively new IR author on the scene? I ask because this is one of the most fickle, yet most loyal, genres in romance?
DAW: I’ve gotten both the good and the bad. Readers who love my books let me know they enjoy them and can’t wait to read another book from me by mentioning it either in a review or they share their thoughts through social media. The one’s who have expressed that they think my books suck or they think I just can’t write…I’m not sure if it has anything to due with the fact that my current books feature Interracial couples and they just don’t care to read about such love, or they just don’t care about my style of writing period. I guess you can’t please everybody.

MRJ: I discovered you purely by accident. I mine the new releases like I’m searching for gold, and I found a small gem in Wanting You. But when I read His Number One Fan, I was like WHOAAAA…this cannot be the same author who wrote Wanting You, lol. I could see so much growth and range from the first book.  What did you do differently, or am I just imagining things?
DAW: I really enjoyed writing His Number One Fan! I basically listened to readers in a sense. I read some reviews from Wanting You, and noticed some readers stating they wish there was more back story, even though I like to get to the point, so I took that and I just took my time.

MRJ: Let’s talk about His Number One Fan. I loved this story! I’m a sucker for rock star romances, and this one had a couple of subtle plot twists which gave the story an even more interesting dynamic. What was the inspiration behind the story, and let’s just say that ending…WE NEED PART II ASAP!
DAW: Who doesn’t love a love story with a rock star? After writing Wanting You, I made the decision that my next book would feature a rock star. I listened to music by Shinedown, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Lifehouse, John Mayer, and the list goes on. Part 2 (title to be announced) I hope to have ready for publish on or before June 2016. Some of you who follow me on Facebook, know the reason for the delay, but it’s coming!!!!

MRJ: Who were your inspirations, if any, for the story? I know when I’m reading, I have to have visuals of how I think these characters would be?
DAW: I first picture how I want my characters to look then I go on Pinterest or Google and search certain features etc and find my character inspiration pics that way. For His Number One Fan I chose Stephen James (model) as Mason, and SunKissAlba (Youtuber) as Nyla. You should check them out.

MRJ: Are there any other stories besides the sequel to His Number One Fan on the horizon for 2016?
DAW: Of course!!! Once part 2 of His Number One Fan is published, soon after I’ll be publishing my fourth book, so stay tuned!!!

Thank you Danyell! I appreciate your time and your candor. If you’d like to get to know author Danyell A. Wallace, be sure to like her Facebook page and follow her n Twitter. I certainly do!


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